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Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness Programs

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Employee wellness program ideas, articles and video content motivate America’s workforce to eat better

Baldwin Publishing delivers a powerhouse of online health content for employee wellness campaigns.

Health and wellness articles and recipes from Baldwin Publishing show employees how to live longer and healthier. We update employee wellness libraries every month with seasonal articles on nutrition, fitness, women's health, men's health, stress reduction and mental well-being.

eat well wellness content

Eat Well

Interactive nutrition content that educates your community about making wiser food choices.

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get fit wellness content

Get Fit

Allow your community to keep up with the latest in exercise trends, but also find an exercise plan that works for everyone's lifestyle and physical abilities.

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get fit wellness content

Feel Good

Quizzes, slideshows and articles that address stress reduction, depression and mental well-being.

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Workout Videos

Keep your employees energized and refreshed. A collection of short videos that show employees stretches they can do right at their desks throughout the workday. All exercises are reviewed by exercise physiologists.

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Health eCooking Video Recipes

Delicious, chef-tested video recipes from Health eCooking® increase participation in employee wellness programs. Health eCooking fills employee wellness websites with hundreds of healthy recipes and videos for cardiac diets, diabetic diets and gluten-free diets.

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Employee Wellness Articles

Health and wellness articles from Baldwin Publishing show employees how to live healthier. Employee wellness libraries are updated every month with articles on nutrition, fitness, women’s health, men’s health and mental well-being.

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Health eCooking® … has an important role in healthy living, and these quick-to-prepare and nutritious recipes make it easier for our employees to make the right food choices." Read more +

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