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License recipes for Health eCooking

Need healthy recipes?

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License recipe videos for heart healthy, diabetic and gluten-free diets from Health eCooking®

Choose from over 1,000 healthy recipes and cooking videos branded for websites, portals and mobile programs.

Baldwin Publishing creates and licenses recipes, mobile videos and beautiful food photos that teach people how to prepare healthy meals. Health eCooking® chefs demonstrate how to cook delicious recipes in 3-minute videos. Registered dietitians create award-winning recipe libraries for diabetic, cardiac and gluten-free diets. Health eCooking refreshes websites with new recipes and new cooking videos every month.

Heart Healthy Recipes

Delicious, low-fat recipes for cardiac diets.

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Diabetic Recipes

Diabetic recipes follow the American Diabetes Association guidelines. Recommended for diabetic or pre-diabetes diets.

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Gluten-Free Recipes

Gluten-free recipes use no wheat, rye or barley. Recommended for celiac disease diets and gluten-free diets.

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Healthy Recipe Videos

How-to-cook videos feature professional chefs cooking healthy recipes. Mobile cooking videos for phones and PCs.

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Bariatric Recipes

Weight-loss recipes contain less than 400 calories per serving and include high-protein foods low in fat and sugar.

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Healthy Kid's Recipes

Healthy recipes for kids' favorite foods. Recipes follow the latest dietary guidelines to combat childhood obesity.

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