Medicare Marketing for AEP enrollment and Medicare member retention

Boost Medicare enrollment with healthy cookbooks and healthy recipe calendars

Here’s a Medicare marketing idea fresh from the Health eCooking test kitchen: Healthy cookbooks and calendars loaded with easy, dietitian-approved recipes and packaged under your logo. Big, beautiful food photos and large recipe fonts comply with CMS Medicare communication guidelines. Healthy cookbooks and calendars are white-labeled. They’re ready-to-customize with your brand and message.

Cookbooks make a valuable tool for Medicare health education and member loyalty programs. Seniors use and keep cookbooks. Health eCooking recipes address all their dietary concerns including heart healthy, diabetes friendly, gluten-free diets.

For Medicare member communication and compliance, you can order cookbooks and calendars in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Baldwin Publishing’s Medicare marketing cookbooks and calendars are easy to distribute using our direct mail program.

Health Plan Marketing Products

Award-winning, how-to-cook recipes and videos in Spanish feature a professional chef cooking healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy.
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High-protein, low-fat recipes with less than 400 calories support bariatric patients after weight loss surgery.
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Articles, recipes, videos and infographics. Download the content you need every day. Customize it. Share it.
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Print or digital: Kid-friendly recipes, engaging articles and videos feature healthy versions of favorite fast foods to help prevent childhood obesity.

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