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Health Marketing Blog

Health Marketing Blog

Your May 2021 Health Observance Calendar

May 2021 health observances include high blood pressure month, stroke month, skin cancer prevention month and these important days…

Your May 2021 Health Observance Calendar offers dozens of health and wellness observance days, weeks, and months that bring awareness to important causes. By recognizing these occasions on your website and social media, you can build educated relationships which drives appointments and online traffic.

Vaccine articles for health communications now in Baldwin Publishing’s COVID-19 library

This month, Baldwin editors rolled out COVID-19 vaccine content for hospitals to communicate vaccine facts with their communities.

As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, healthcare marketers are racing to create content that convinces people to roll up their sleeve and get a shot. Baldwin Publishing is helping organizations win the vaccine content race.

How to post Facebook content fast and easy using Baldwin Publishing’s Social Media Guide

Watch this video for quick tips on how to use our automated posting tool

Planning and Posting articles to social media just got a whole lot easier. Baldwin Publishing’s Social Media Guide is filled with more than 300 days of engaging content for popular health observances and celebrations. And our automated posting tool makes it easy to post to social platforms such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or any other planner in just seconds.

Survey shows these are the highest revenue-producing health awareness campaigns for hospitals

Here’s how hospitals use the SHSMD 2021 Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days to drive awareness and revenue.

Every year, the marketing arm of the American Hospital Association (AHA) –  referred to as the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) – publishes a calendar of health observances and recognition days for hospital marketers to use when developing health awareness campaigns. Every year, Baldwin Publishing writes hundreds of health awareness articles for hospitals in support of those same health awareness campaigns. That’s why it seemed like a natural fit for us to sponsor SHSMD’s 2021 Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days.

Our COVID nutrition content offers health tips for strained wallets

Food prices are higher everywhere. Baldwin Publishing’s COVID nutrition content shows you how to eat healthy on a budget.

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating hardships for families across the nation, including wreaking havoc on Americans’ bank accounts and dinner tables. Thousands of people are out of work. Others are losing income because of illness or caring for a loved one.

Are you planning a holiday get together? Here are 4 things you need to consider now.

Baldwin Publishing recently created this COVID-19 article for health communications. But this is such good, useful information, we hope you find it helpful as you make personal holiday plans.

During the past few months, countless birthday, graduation, and anniversary celebrations have been postponed due to COVID-19. If you’re like many Americans, you’re eager to start enjoying time spent with family and friends again.

Do you need a calendar of ALL the important health days in 2021?

Baldwin Publishing is sponsoring the American Hospital Association’s 2021 Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days. It lists more than 200 health observance days.

Baldwin Publishing has been writing health articles for hospitals for nearly 30 years, so it’s a natural fit that we sponsor the 2021 Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days for the AHA’s marketing arm, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD).

Health system launches a new plan to market physician practices during coronavirus

Atlantic Medical Group welcomes patients back into doctor’s offices with a healthy cookbook

Now more than ever, physician marketing strategies need to adapt. No one knows that better than Kristin Ferrara, Marketing Specialist for Atlantic Medical Group, the physician enterprise of Atlantic Health System based in Morristown, New Jersey.

This healthy cookbook delivered 2,000 more hospital blog subscribers

Here’s how a robust social media strategy — and a little cookbook—increased readership for the UVA Health blog

UVA Health looked to Baldwin Publishing for marketing tools to increase email subscribers to the Healthy Balance Blog. The hospital marketing team wanted to get more eyes on the hospital blog’s patient stories, medical research initiatives, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Baldwin Publishing and On-Site Studios partner to produce coronavirus video content for hospitals

Today, more than ever, hospitals need digital content to guide and educate communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two health and wellness content production companies – Baldwin Publishing, Inc. and On-Site Studios – joined forces this month to create relevant and useful coronavirus content to support overloaded hospital and health communication teams.

Hospital website traffic increases as people search for credible coronavirus articles

Americans stuck at home and hungry for local information about the pandemic are clicking on hospital websites to read coronavirus articles.

Hospital websites are seeing a surge in new visitors. The COVID-19 outbreak is sending more viewers to community health websites and hospital social media sites. That’s because people want to read coronavirus articles from trusted sources.

Need to drive more traffic to your hospital blog?

Start with a “total content experience” then promote it here, here, and here.

UVA Health in central Virginia has developed the perfect combination of content and techniques to achieve high engagement and expand reach to the hospital’s blog. Here are 4 steps behind their winning content.

How a heart hospital dressed up a “man’s disease” for female patients

This is how Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a NJ heart hospital, strategically uses cardiac content to target women heart patients.

For nearly 100 years, hard-working men have been turning to Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Central New Jersey to fix their ailing hearts and diseased lungs. The hospital had traditionally been recognized as a medical destination for industrial and blue-color working men suffering from exposure to asbestos and chemicals that ravaged their lungs and hearts – and more recently, firemen, policemen and other first responders.


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