Need to drive more traffic to your hospital blog?

Start with a “total content experience” then promote it here, here, and here.

UVA Health in central Virginia has developed the perfect combination of content and techniques to achieve high engagement and expand reach to the hospital’s blog. Here are 4 steps behind their winning content.

  1. Create a total “content experience”

How a small hospital marketing team drives traffic to a health system

Attend “I Do It All” at HCIC on Tuesday 11/5 at 1:45pm to hear how Blessing Health customizes licensed content to execute service line marketing campaigns.

What do you do if you need to promote key hospital services online, such as cardiac, orthopedic and women’s health, but you don’t have a large hospital marketing team?


How a heart hospital dressed up a “man’s disease” for female patients

This is how Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a NJ heart hospital, strategically uses cardiac content to target women heart patients.

For nearly 100 years, hard-working men have been turning to Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Central New Jersey to fix their ailing hearts and diseased lungs. The hospital had traditionally been recognized as a

How social media raises awareness about addiction

Want to get the word out about substance abuse prevention and treatment? Here’s how Facebook and Twitter can help.

One of the most pressing health issues today is addiction. From misuse of alcohol and illicit drugs to the non-medical use of prescription opioid medications, communities across the nation are experiencing a crisis of epidemic proportions. Health

Hospital CHNA reports identify substance abuse as significant problem

Here’s why hospitals need mental health content to address community need.

Baldwin Publishing recently reviewed data from over 100 hospitals’ Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) reports and identified a common theme. Substance abuse is one of the most significant issues affecting communities across the country.

Drug and alcohol abuse plagues communities of all sizes, in all locations

How Baldwin’s newest cookbook supports the latest cancer research

Our new cancer prevention cookbook includes delicious ways to eat cancer-fighting foods.

If you have been considering giving patients a cookbook incentive for breast cancer awareness month or colon cancer awareness month, here are two good reasons to do so…

Two new medical studies confirm what many doctors and dietitians have endorsed for years – eating

Baldwin Publishing introduces new ADA compliant content portals

We enhanced the accessibility features of our licensed content portals for individuals with disabilities. Here’s why.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to provide reasonable access to the same services for all customers and visitors, regardless of disability. While you may have seen this regulation put into place in the form of physical accommodations