This calendar of December health observances includes content for Impaired Driving Prevention Month, Influenza Vaccination Week, Safe Toys and Gifts Month, and these important monthly health observances…

Celebrate Today and every day in December with Baldwin Publishing’s December 2023 Health Observances Calendar. Hospital marketing professionals can use these monthly health awareness days to boost social media engagement and drive online traffic to health websites.

Baldwin’s editorial team creates health and wellness content for every national health observance day in December and throughout the year. Our health articles, holiday graphics and wellness videos can be shared on social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. They are also customizable so you can promote your own hospital services.

All of Baldwin’s monthly health awareness content is medically reviewed and ready to post. Do you have a digital newsletter or health blog? We have content to fit your needs, too!

Here is a sample of the December 2023 health observances we include in the Celebrate Today calendar:

Safe Toys and Gifts Month
More than 200,000 people visit emergency rooms each year due to injuries from a toy. Help your community stay safe this holiday season by sharing Baldwin’s article that lists 10 toys that should stay off the Christmas list.

Impaired Driving Prevention Month
Everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous, but most people have trouble determining how much alcohol is too much to have before getting behind the wheel. For Impaired Driving Prevention Month, Baldwin writers share 6 clear signs that you need to hand over the keys to a sober friend.

Holiday Health Tips
Many people look forward to travel, holiday traditions and parties in December. But not everything in December is jingle bells and candy canes. Injuries, stress, overeating and depression can all happen during the holidays as well. This month Baldwin writers offer tips to address all of the health hazards to watch for in December.

December Health Awareness Days

Dec. 4: National Cookie Day Recipe: Coconut Macaroons
Many people are busy baking cookies in December, so it’s the perfect time to share a recipe for heart healthy coconut macaroons on social media. This low-calorie recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® Test Kitchen is made with 5 simple ingredients.

Dec. 1—7: Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week
People who are often dealing with digestive issues may question if they could have an inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. For Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, Baldwin writers discuss the differences between these two conditions and what tests are available so people can get diagnosed and begin treatment.

Dec. 4—8: Influenza Vaccination Week
With the flu season upon us and the holidays drawing near, there’s never been a better time to remind your community about the importance of getting vaccinated. This month Baldwin writers share why getting a flu shot is the best way to stay protected from illness this winter.

Dec. 7: Hannukah
Be inclusive this holiday season by sharing Baldwin’s customizable graphic for Hannukah on social media during the first week of December.

Dec. 21: First Day of Winter Recipe: Beef Chili
Encourage your community to cook healthier by sharing this recipe for heart healthy beef chili on the First Day of Winter. This one-pot recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® Test Kitchen is low in calories and full of the savory flavors people crave in the winter months.

Dec. 25: Christmas
Wish your community a Merry Christmas by posting Baldwin’s customizable graphic on social media feeds in December.

Dec. 26: Kwanzaa
Celebrate the history and culture of your African American community members by sharing Baldwin’s colorful Kwanzaa graphic on social media.

Dec. 30: Resolution Planning Day
Every year millions of people start off January with overreaching goals for their New Year’s resolutions, but very few even finish out the month. For Resolution Planning Day, share Baldwin’s article offering tips on how to pick a realistic resolution and stick with it all year long.

Baldwin Publishing’s customizable health content helps hospitals and health organizations reach their communities with an easy monthly planning tool. Our articles, graphics, images and videos tie into national health observance days while also encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle.

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