Wellness Content Strategy

Wellness Content Strategy

Health content strategy solutions that make your job easier

Our robust content solutions give you the content and strategic tools you need to connect with your audience.

Whether you are looking for turn-key content solutions or want more control over how your content is shared with your audience, Baldwin Publishing has delivery and content strategy solutions to make your marketing strategy easier.

Our health content strategy solutions help you seamlessly execute your content marketing plan through a variety of solutions.

  • Our popular health days calendar gives you interactive content for health awareness and social observance days.
  • Custom email newsletters and content discovery widgets are automated marketing tools designed to drive traffic to your site and keep visitors engaged.
  • Our lead generation products collect data and build relationships with web visitors.
Social Wellness Content Strategy

Health Days Calendar

A robust social media content strategy solution that puts timely health content at your fingertips, ready to customize and post to social sites.

  • Articles, infographics, quizzes, recipes, images and video content for popular health observance and awareness days
  • Rolling 3-month calendar includes posting dates, hashtags and all the social media content you need to post
  • Posts are fully customizable and ready to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Cookbooks Wellness Content Guides


Our custom lead generation tools attract and convert web visitors, so they become customers or patients.

  • Digital cookbooks generate thousands of email sign-ups
  • Downloadable wellness guides increases lead generation
  • Custom ads on hosted microsites drive traffic to your key web pages

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Wellness Newsletters


Digital e-newsletters continually put fresh content in front of your audience and drive traffic to your website.

  • We do all the work – content development, design, deployment and tracking
  • Option to include client-generated custom content
  • Engaging subject lines and timely content grab readers’ attention
Wellness Content Discovery Widget


Automated content discovery widgets update your web pages every day with new images and fresh articles.

  • Widgets display enticing recipes and health tips to drive traffic to key web pages
  • Featured content is updated daily for a fresh look
  • Fully automated daily content solution
Wellness Content Strategy Solutions


Our content delivery options are seamless, flexible and customizable.

  • Hosted ADA compliant microsites – Feature turn-key web integration and a user-friendly experience. This popular health content solution requires just a single line of code on your site.
  • Pick-n-post portals – Need content for your blog or prefer to update your own website? This is the perfect instant content delivery solution for you.
  • API – Our advanced API provides you with large volumes of content for seamless integration into apps and websites.


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