This calendar of July 2024 health awareness days includes content for UV Safety Month, Minority Mental Health Month, World Hepatitis Day, and these important monthly health observances…

Baldwin Publishing’s Celebrate Today National Health Observance Calendar offers a complete lineup of health awareness days for July 2024 that your hospital’s marketing team should be sharing on social media pages and blogs. With a diverse and engaging assortment of content to use throughout the month, this calendar serves as a powerful social media planning tool that helps grow traffic to your hospital’s website.

As a 30-year leader in producing health and wellness content for healthcare organizations, Baldwin understands the significance of delivering timely and relevant content that helps you consistently engage with your community each month.

From compelling health articles and wellness videos to dietitian-approved recipes and engaging graphics, Baldwin crafts content that can help boost engagement on your health organization’s website, blog and social media pages. All of Baldwin’s articles are medically reviewed, ensuring they meet the high standards necessary for healthcare organizations to confidently share the information with their communities.

Here is a sample of the national health observances we include in the Celebrate Today calendar of health awareness days in 2024:

UV Safety Month
Help keep your skin healthy and beautiful this summer by wearing sunscreen when you go outside, and regularly checking for signs of sun damage. For UV Safety Month, Baldwin writers offer tips and tricks for recognizing the most common forms of skin cancer.

Minority Mental Health Month
Mental health is health! For Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, share Baldwin’s article on social media that highlights the most common mental health issues that affect minorities.

Grilling Month
July is National Grilling Month, making it the perfect time to share our heart healthy recipe for Grilled Lime Shrimp. This high protein recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® Test Kitchen is both eye-catching and tasty. Get more healthy recipes to share on social media with our calendar for National Food Days in July.

Park and Recreation Month
Encourage your community to explore active and fun things to do in your local parks. For Park and Recreation Month, Baldwin writers share ways to get moving and enjoy the great outdoors.

Heat Safety
For many parts of the country, summer brings on sweltering temperatures. While it’s perfect for a swim at the local pool, it’s not always great for your health. This month Baldwin highlights the critical signs of heat illnesses and what you can do to prevent them when the temperatures start to climb.

Watermelon Month
Celebrate Watermelon Month with our refreshing Watermelon Salsa. The perfect summer treat, this recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® Test Kitchen is not only super hydrating, but it’s delicious, too.

Summer Vacation
Summer is the perfect time to use some of those vacation days to relax and decompress. This month Baldwin writers share five compelling reasons to start planning a summer getaway.

July Health Awareness Days

July 4: Independence Day
Celebrate the Fourth of July with your followers by sharing Baldwin’s colorful and patriotic graphic on social media. Our holiday graphics can be customized with your organization’s logo and posted to Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn.

July 28: World Hepatitis Day
For World Hepatitis Day, share Baldwin’s article explaining the causes and symptoms of hepatitis, as well as why early detection is so important.

Does your hospital’s marketing team need fresh and engaging health content? Look no further than Baldwin Publishing. We provide standout health articles and engaging videos that perfectly align with national awareness days, designed to engage and resonate with your audience.

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