The 2024 National Food Days Calendar highlights monthly food holidays and includes healthy recipes to share on social media.

If you’re searching for a National Food Days Calendar for 2024, you’re in the right place. HealtheCooks®, a subsidiary of Baldwin Publishing, Inc., promotes national food days to encourage the celebration of food and recipes throughout the year – and we’re happy to share that information with you.

There are more than 300 national food days in 2024, which means there’s a food day to celebrate almost every calendar day of the year. There are popular food days, like Barbecue Day and Taco Day, as well as more obscure food holidays, like Cook a Sweet Potato Day and Chocolate Covered Anything Day. And they all drive traffic on social media.

Everyone loves looking at recipes that are a feast for the eyes and the mouth. That’s why food holidays are a popular way to engage with social media audiences. By strategically sharing recipes that align with national food days throughout the year, your timely recipe posts are more likely to get liked, clicked and shared by your followers.

Become a recipe resource for your community by sharing recipes for these popular food holidays in 2024:

  • January: Soup Month
  • February: Chocolate Lovers Month
  • March: Noodle Month
  • April: Brunch Month
  • May: Salad Month
  • June: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • July: Grilling Month
  • August: Peach Month
  • September: Chicken Month
  • October: Dessert Month
  • November: Roasting Month
  • December: Egg Nog Month

Wondering where to find healthy recipes you can share on each national food day? has click-worthy recipes with vibrant images that you can post on social media on all of the important food holidays in 2024!

Health eCooks’ recipes are not only chef-tested to make sure they taste great, but they are also certified by registered dietitians as being healthier alternatives to classic American dishes. These recipes are designated as heart healthy or gluten free, making the recipes ideal to share with your community to encourage healthier eating habits.

Why do we celebrate food days?

Some marketers may wonder why we celebrate national food days. Food holidays have become popular through social media. If someone announces a new food day on social media and gets enough people to like and share the post with hashtags, quite often a new food holiday is born.

But while food holidays are a fairly recent social media trend, they aren’t that different from celebrating traditional seasonal holidays with food. Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July are all days of celebration that are tied to specific foods. Turkey is forever linked to Thanksgiving, chocolate is always synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and no one can think about a patriotic summer holiday without conjuring up images of juicy burgers on the grill.

But why just share one recipe each month? There are many national food days in 2024 worthy of celebrating. Here’s a list of some of the more popular food holidays in 2024 with a link to a healthy recipe you can share for each one:













We invite you to share these recipes on celebrated national food days in 2024 – no strings attached! You can also find more healthy recipes to share for other food holidays on Additionally, you’ll find recipes for every seasonal holiday to share, including recipes for:

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