Millennials’ healthy lifestyle makes them the target market to reach through healthy recipes

Is your hospital or health organization wondering how to market to millennials on social media? If your marketing team is scratching their heads trying to figure out the best way to connect your brand to this important audience, Baldwin Publishing has a suggestion: try posting healthy recipes!

Millennials’ healthy lifestyle means they are more focused on healthy eating and making healthy meals for their families than earlier generations. So why not grab their attention with content you know they like: healthy recipes.

Baldwin Publishing’s healthy recipe website,, has over 1,000 dietitian-approved recipes available to license that have been tested by professional chefs in our Test Kitchen to ensure they are not only good for you, but are easy to make and taste great. With recipes for heart healthy, diabetic, low sodium and gluten free diets, Health eCooks produces the type of health content that hospitals and health organizations should be sharing on blogs, social media and in digital newsletters to engage with the millennial generation.

Why Market to Millennials

Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are quickly becoming the driving force in the economy as this generation enters their 30s and early 40s. Not only are millennials the top spenders, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield, more than 30 percent are affected by a health condition, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hyperactivity, type 2 diabetes, mental health, substance abuse, and gastrointestinal conditions like Crohn’s disease.

Also known as Generation Y, millennials are at the age where they’re starting and growing their families, making them the target market for hospitals to promote OBGYN and pediatric services.

When health organizations are considering how to market to millennials, sharing posts on social media should be at the top of the list. According to Forbes, social media has become a huge influencer for this generation, with more than 80% of millennials regularly engaging on social platforms and 75% considering social media a significant part of their daily life.

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms that millennials repeatedly use, making it essential for health organizations to reach this audience here. That’s why sharing healthy recipes with millennials on social media is such a good marketing opportunity for hospitals.

Feed Millennials’ Healthy Lifestyle

The millennial generation tends to seek out healthy, unprocessed meals to make, which is why Health eCooks is the perfect resource for recipes that will get this generation to engage with your posts.

Millennials are looking for:

According to the American Heart Association, more than a third of millennials also make vegetarian meals a priority at least four nights a week, so sharing vegetarian recipes like this mixed vegetable casserole is the perfect way to grab their attention while staying on trend.

And because this generation has young families, there’s also an emphasis on making healthy recipes for kids. From a dinosaur veggie platter to watermelon ice pops, there are plenty of fun and tasty recipes on Health eCooks that meet a child’s nutritional needs.

How to Share Healthy Recipes

Are you ready to start sharing healthy recipes with your social media audience? Baldwin Publishing offers several options for hospitals and health organizations that can help them market to millennials:

  • Find recipes on, and share a link to the recipe on your social media pages
  • Use Baldwin Publishing’s National Food Days Calendar as a guide to plan your social media posts for the next two months
  • License recipes from Baldwin Publishing that you can post directly on your health organization’s blog, helping you drive traffic to your website

Check out Baldwin’s 2024 National Food Days Calendar for recipe ideas to post throughout the year, or contact us to learn how you can license our healthy recipes for your health organization’s website, blog or digital newsletter.