Marketing directors now have access to hundreds of healthy recipes and recipe snippets for sharing recipes on blogs and social media.

Have you tried sharing recipes to boost social media engagement? It works! Trending recipes  are powerful social media content.

If you’re in healthcare marketing, sharing recipes is a proven strategy when you’re figuring out how to increase social media engagement. However, creating recipes is a time-consuming content development project. Each recipe needs to be tested and retested to make sure the ingredients are healthy, the preparation is easy and the finished product tastes good. Trending recipes require beautiful food images individually sized for each social media platform. And you need entertaining cooking videos to drive the highest engagement. Recipes are expensive content to create and that’s why so many organizations save time and money by licensing recipes from Baldwin Publishing.

Professional chefs and registered dietitians at Baldwin Publishing have developed more than 1,000 recipes in the Health eCooks Test Kitchen. All the  Health eCooks recipes promote healthy eating for heart healthy diets, diabetes diets, gluten free and healthy kids meal plans. Hospitals and health organizations license recipes to share on blogs, in social media campaigns and in newsletters.

Three trending recipe packages for blogs, social media and newsletters.

Baldwin Publishing offers three platforms that make downloading and sharing recipes easy.

Content Cart

“Recipe Snippets” is a new recipe library added to our popular Content Cart online shopping platform. Social media directors and health bloggers log into Content Cart to select and download wellness articles and videos. Now they can select “Recipe Snippets,” too.

Recipe Snippets are ready-made recipe posts for social media and newsletters. These trending recipes include a recipe photo and a recipe summary.  Recipe Snippets may also include a short video, perfect for sharing on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok . Is your community wondering how to boil eggs for Easter? You can license a Recipe Snippets video for that!

National Food Day calendar

When you need only a couple of recipes to share or post each month, the National Food Days calendar is your best content solution. You can select and download two to six recipes each month to celebrate trending national food days or health awareness days. These curated seasonal recipes include full recipes with photos. Many recipes also come with a short video.

Health eCooks Food Day Calendar includes fun, colorful images to engage every social media audience. Post Deviled Egg Chicks for Easter, Leprechaun Pancakes for St. Patrick’s Day, or a Dinosaur Veggie Platter for Every Kid Healthy Week.

Health eCooks Recipe library

The Health eCooks recipe library is an ever-green content library that grows bigger every month with new recipes.  More than 1,000 recipes are curated and available by diet: Heart Healthy, Gluten Free and Diabetes Diets. Or, you can select recipes by meal plan, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

Health eCooks recipes are healthier versions of American recipe classics, ranging from hamburgers and buffalo chicken tenders, to double chocolate brownies and berry cheesecake.

How to increase social media engagement.

A look at the numbers explains why thousands of social media directors post a recipe to increase social media engagement.

  • On Pinterest chocolate recipes are popular with a mind-boggling 1.2 billion pins, and there are more than 20 million boards dedicated to Chocolate Desserts.
  • On Instagram #Smoothie recipes reign supreme with 57 million posts.
  • Millions of Facebook fans belong to recipe share groups. And it seems like everyone on TikTok  is cooking something today.

When you are sharing recipes, make sure to post a recipe across all your social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and X.