Baldwin Publishing introduces new ADA compliant content portals

We enhanced the accessibility features of our licensed content portals for individuals with disabilities. Here’s why.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to provide reasonable access to the same services for all customers and visitors, regardless of disability. While you may have seen this regulation put into place in the form of physical accommodations such as ramps, handrails and wider doorways in brick-and-mortar premises, you may not realize this regulation also applies to how individuals interact with your business online.

How to create blog content quickly

Here’s how one blogger engages 1,000 followers a day with new content, big images and delicious recipes.

Two years ago, Catholic Health’s web manager was tasked with launching the heath care system’s blog. He didn’t have enough staff to produce all the health and wellness content needed to build a digital following. So he turned to Baldwin Publishing to license health and wellness content  that he could customize, optimize and post.

How a branded cookbook increased public television station donations

See why more than 200 PBS stations are promoting Baldwin Publishing’s cookbooks as a new member incentive.

Public television stations across the country have something to celebrate! New members are opening their wallets thanks to a new television program featuring Mimi Guarneri, MD of Pacific Pearl La Jolla and her exclusive donor package. The package includes a branded cookbook filled with vegetarian recipes.