Introducing the new ‘Healthy Keto’ Cookbook

Baldwin’s newest digital keto cookbook converts web visitors into email subscribers.

Everywhere you turn today someone is talking about the keto diet. This eating plan drastically limits carbohydrates but encourages dieters to eat foods high in fat with moderate levels of protein.

Baldwin Publishing dietitians worked for months in our test kitchen to develop high quality, healthy

How a branded cookbook increased public television station donations

See why more than 200 PBS stations are promoting Baldwin Publishing’s cookbooks as a new member incentive.

Public television stations across the country have something to celebrate! New members are opening their wallets thanks to a new television program featuring Mimi Guarneri, MD of Pacific Pearl La Jolla and her exclusive donor package. The package includes

Post snackable content – because everyone likes snacks

Use snackable content to increase reader engagement in your hospital newsletter and social media channels.

Newsletter subscribers and social media visitors want snackable content – short health tips, recipes and videos. Just like a healthy snack, this bite-sized content is easy to consume, digest and share. It also needs to contain a healthy dose