How Health eCooking® helps patients love their hearts

February is Heart Month, which means it’s the perfect time to remind patients of the importance of eating healthier.

One of the cornerstones of keeping your heart healthy is eating healthy. That’s why hospitals and health systems turn to Baldwin Publishing. We offer delicious heart healthy recipes to share with patients and the community.

Health eCooking® recipes

Heart healthy cookbooks make great heart month giveaways

Looking for a heart month giveaway your patients will love? Give them a heart healthy cookbook!

That’s exactly what SoutheastHEALTH, a premier healthcare system located in Cape Girardeau, MO, offered their patients last February.

The healthcare system found the perfect heart health giveaway for attendees at one of their heart month events. They ordered heart healthy cookbooks

Healthy Super Bowl recipes for your website – and your patients

Kick off your Super Bowl marketing campaign with these enticing Health eCooking recipes. Whether those in your community are rooting for those underdogs from Philadelphia or that other team from New England, one thing all Americans have in common is that they don’t need more salty snacks in their diets.

These cookbooks are selling like hot cakes

Except that UVA Health System isn’t selling them, they’re giving cookbooks to women who sign up for their Club Red Heart Health Program.

And every recipe is approved for a low-fat, heart healthy diet, so let’s also call themhealthy hot cakes!

Club Red is a women’s heart health initiative meant to educate and engage. The emphasis is on a personal

Thoughts on building an app

We’re hearing and talking a lot about apps, lately. There’s no doubt that apps have huge potential in the healthcare marketing space. Apps pose an incredible opportunity to reach and engage customers, but a lot of thought and planning is required before you launch.

Think about this:

– Who is your target audience?
– How will you promote it?