This 2024 calendar of national health observances in March includes content for Colorectal Cancer Month, International Women’s Day, National Doctors Day, and these important monthly health days…

Celebrate every health day in March 2024 with Baldwin Publishing’s Celebrate Today Health Observances Calendar. Hospital marketing professionals can use the health days in this monthly calendar to boost social media engagement and drive more traffic to their websites.

With more than three decades of experience working with health organizations, Baldwin Publishing creates health and wellness content for every national health observance in March, as well as for all health awareness days in 2024. Baldwin is also the premier sponsor of the 2024 SHSMD Calendar of National Health Observances and Recognition Days for hospitals and health organizations.

Baldwin’s health content keeps audiences engaged on social media through relevant articles, customizable graphics, heart healthy recipes and short, snappy wellness videos. All content is medically reviewed and is ready to post to hospital websites, blogs, social media pages and digital newsletters.

Here is a sample of the March 2024 national health observances we include in the Celebrate Today calendar:

Colorectal Cancer Month
Often there are no early symptoms of colorectal cancer, which is why colon screenings are so important. For Colorectal Cancer Month, remind your community to get screened by sharing Baldwin’s article that outlines when, why and how to get your colon screening.

Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month
Although there is no cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), there are medications that can help manage symptoms of this chronic disease. For MS Education and Awareness Month, Baldwin writers share common signs to watch for that may indicate you have MS so you know when it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor.

Save Your Vision Month
While all of our senses are important, your eyes are key for so many everyday activities, including driving, reading and even walking. Remind your community about the importance of vision health with Baldwin’s article outlining 20 warning signs that your vision may be compromised.

National Nutrition Month
The Mediterranean diet has been ranked as the healthiest diet for the seventh year in a row by U.S. News & World Report. For National Nutrition Month, share Baldwin’s article that discusses how to get started on this trending diet and discover what makes it so popular.

Brain Injury Awareness Month
Whether you’re in a car accident or just bump your head on a low ceiling, head injuries are not something to take lightly. For Brain Injury Awareness Month, Baldwin writers share steps you can take to keep your head (and your brain) as protected as possible from everyday hazards.

National Kidney Month
If you have chronic kidney disease, kidney damage or limited kidney function, your doctor may recommend you go on a special diet called a kidney or renal diet. For National Kidney Month, Baldwin shares a comprehensive list of foods you should avoid on this diet to keep your kidneys functioning at their best.

March Health Days and Weeks

March 4: World Obesity Day
Even if you exercise regularly, consuming too much salt and sugar may increase your risk for obesity, heart disease and depression. For World Obesity Day, Baldwin writers share 7 tips that can help you cut back on the amount of sugar and salt in your diet.

March 8: International Women’s Day
Major life transitions, including pregnancy, motherhood and menopause, make women more prone to mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. For International Women’s Day, Baldwin writers share 7 healthy habits women can adapt to help them thrive despite hormonal and other changes experienced throughout their lives.

March 10: Daylight Savings Time Begins
With the days getting longer, now is a great time to remind your community about the health benefits of getting outside to exercise. Baldwin writers share five fun and invigorating ways to enjoy the great outdoors when the clocks spring forward.

 March 10—16: Sleep Awareness Week
We’ve all had times when we have had to push through the day fueled by large quantities of caffeine and few hours of sleep, but making it a regular habit can affect your health in more ways than you realize. For Sleep Awareness Week, Baldwin writers discuss how long-term sleep deprivation can negatively impact your physical and mental health.

March 11—17: Brain Awareness Week
Can certain foods make you smarter? Baldwin’s design team has created a video short for social media that highlights five foods to include in your diet to help keep your brain sharp.

March 17—23: National Poison Prevention Week
You may be surprised to learn there are more than two million cases of poisoning reported in the U.S. each year. Young children are especially at risk for accidental poisoning, but older adults can be affected, too. For National Poison Prevention Week, Baldwin writers share 6 of the most common causes of accidental poisoning.

March 21: Crunchy Taco Day
Celebrate Crunchy Taco Day with your social media followers by posting this heart healthy recipe for pork and nectarine tacos. This low calorie recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® Test Kitchen is as unique as it is flavorful.

March 30: National Doctors Day
Have you recently moved and need a new doctor? Finding someone who fits your healthcare needs and who you feel comfortable with can be challenging. For National Doctors Day, Baldwin writers share 5 tips to help you navigate the process of finding a doctor you can trust.

March 31: Easter
Celebrate Easter with your social media followers by sharing Baldwin’s colorful and festive graphic that can be branded for your health organization and posted to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If your organization is looking for monthly health observances to promote on blogs and social media, Baldwin Publishing has the perfect planning tool for you. We create health content, including customizable articles, graphics, images and videos, tied to national health observance days and deliver it in an easy-to-use calendar format.

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