The September 2023 Health Days Calendar includes content for Prostate Health Month, Cholesterol Education Month, Women’s Health and Fitness Day, & these important health observances…

Here are the important September health awareness days Baldwin Publishing includes in the Celebrate Today! Health Awareness Calendar. Hospitals can use these health observances to boost social media engagement and online traffic to health and wellness websites in September 2023.

Baldwin’s writers create wellness content for every health observance day in September. Each article, graphic and video can be customized by your hospital or health organization and shared on your social media channels.

All of Baldwin’s health content is medically reviewed and ready to post. We also have content to fit all of your health organization’s print and digital needs, including newsletters, websites and blogs.

Here are some of the September 2023 health observances we include in our monthly calendar:

PAD Month
When someone is diagnosed with peripheral artery disease (PAD), often the first thing the patient wants to know is, “How do I get symptom relief?” For PAD Month, share Baldwin’s article that details 7 ways to improve PAD symptoms through simple lifestyle changes.

Pain Awareness Month
Back pain is the leading cause of disability, and it is likely almost everyone will experience it at some point in their lifetime. For Pain Awareness Month, help your followers get symptom relief with Baldwin’s article that outlines 6 ways to avoid, alleviate or reduce back pain.

Cholesterol Education Month
For Cholesterol Education Month, share Baldwin’s animated video highlighting 5 foods that can help improve cholesterol.

Prostate Health Month
Some men tend to ignore signs of a health problem, but when it comes to matters of the prostate, most want a speedy solution. This month, Baldwin outlines the 3 most common prostate problems affecting men.

AFib Month
New research shows that women’s risk of developing AFib may actually be higher than men’s risk. For AFib month, Baldwin writers share information about this new research and what women should do if they think they may have AFib.

Ovarian Cancer Month
Ovarian cancer has often been referred to as the “cancer that whispers” because many symptoms are subtle. For Ovarian Cancer Month, share Baldwin’s article outlining the many early signs of ovarian cancer to watch out for.

Childhood Obesity Month
Childhood obesity is a growing issue in the United States, but putting too much emphasis on a child’s weight, body type or diet may affect their mental health. For Childhood Obesity Month, Baldwin shares 9 healthy ways parents can encourage better eating habits in their children.

National Recovery Month
Family and friends are often unsure how to help someone who is recovering from substance abuse. For National Recovery Month, share Baldwin’s article that offers 5 ways to support someone recovering from addiction.

Healthy Aging Month
Many of us with aging parents find ourselves asking the question, “Is it time to consider an assisted living facility?” For Healthy Aging Month, Baldwin writers share a list of questions to ask to help make this decision easier.

September Health Day Observances

Sept. 4: Labor Day Picnic Recipe
Celebrate Labor Day with your followers by sharing this recipe for Grilled Chicken with Corn Salsa. This heart-healthy dish from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® Test Kitchen has a sweet citrus marinade that makes it perfect for picnics.

Sept. 11: Back to School Breakfast
Encourage your followers to make their kids a healthy breakfast by sharing this delicious recipe for Banana Waffles. This gluten-free dish from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® library is full of comforting fall flavors, including cinnamon, nutmeg and apple.

Sept. 10: World Suicide Prevention Day
According to the CDC, suicide rates have risen nearly 15 percent in the last decade. For World Suicide Prevention Day, share Baldwin’s article outlining how to recognize someone who is suicidal, as well as what you can do to help.

Sept. 18: Falls Prevention Week
More than one in four people over the age of 65 experience a fall every year. Help the members of your community avoid being part of this statistic by sharing Baldwin’s article explaining 9 ways you can decrease the risk of falls.

Sept. 27: Women’s Health and Fitness Day
Most women know that getting your sweat on may help you live longer and stay trimmer. But there are even more reasons to hop on that treadmill. For Women’s Health and Fitness Day, Baldwin writers share 6 unexpected benefits women can get from regular exercise.

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