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Health Marketing Blog

Health Marketing Blog

The impact of timely news content for hospitals

When major events occur, hospitals need to share relevant content with their communities fast.

Baldwin Publishing creates timely content for our clients when serious and tragic events happen, usually pushing out new content within 24 hours. From school shootings and celebrity health scares to weather-related events, we develop content that addresses people’s concerns and answers their questions.

Healthy Super Bowl recipes for your website – and your patients

Kick off your Super Bowl marketing campaign with these enticing Health eCooking® recipes.

Whether those in your community are rooting for those underdogs from Philadelphia or that other team from New England, one thing all Americans have in common is that they don’t need more salty snacks in their diets.

How to feed a hungry blog: Catholic Health

Here’s how one health system in NY filled their blog with consumable content that kept readers hungry for more.

Catholic Health in Buffalo, NY provides care to the Western New York region with a variety of hospitals, care centers & more. As you can imagine, that’s an awful lot of people who are hungry for content and ideas that promote healthy living.

These cookbooks are selling like hot cakes

Actually, since every recipe in the cookbook is approved for a low-fat, heart healthy diet, we’ll call them healthy hot cakes!

It would seem appropriate to say that the custom cookbooks created for UVA Health System are selling like hot cakes. Except that UVA isn’t selling them, they’re giving the cookbooks to women who sign up for their Club Red Heart Health Program.

Thoughts on building an app

Here’s some info to ponder when it comes to healthcare apps.

We’re hearing and talking a lot about apps lately. There’s no doubt that apps have huge potential in the healthcare marketing space. Apps pose an incredible opportunity to reach and engage customers, but a lot of thought and planning is required before you launch.

Health eCooking® now offers an Adventist healthy recipe library

Are you looking for healthy diet recipes for your blog or website? Consider the Seventh Day Adventist recipe library from Baldwin Publishing.

The Adventist diet consists primarily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, dairy products and healthy fats. Although many Adventists follow a vegetarian diet, others do eat meat. So meat and fish recipes are included in this recipe library.

Hospital website needs cooking videos, but not with these ingredients

Need a custom collection of healthy recipes and cooking videos? We can do that!

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel added hundreds of Health eCooking® recipes, cooking videos and vibrant food images to their website this spring. But before they did, Baldwin Publishing needed to removed every recipe with shellfish, pork or alcohol from their healthy recipe library. That’s because the hospital, located on the Gulf Coast, is a member of the Adventist Health System and those ingredients don’t meet the organization’s religious dietary standards.

This supermarket website entices customers with healthy recipes

Just as beautifully displayed produce can entice shoppers at a supermarket, beautiful food photos can draw visitors to a supermarket website.

McCaffrey’s Food Markets operates a chain of grocery stores in Southeastern PA and Central NJ. One reason McCaffrey’s has been successful in opening and operating stores in Philadelphia’s wealthier suburbs is that shoppers love their high-quality fresh food, including their exceptional selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Why you need compelling recipe photos

Are you more likely to check out a recipe if you see a delicious looking photo? You sure are!

It’s no longer enough to just to post an easy recipe online. Recipes need to be accompanied by beautiful and well-composed food photos to grab readers’ attention.


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