The June 2023 Health Days Calendar includes content for Men’s Health Month, Cancer Survivors Day, Liver Health Matters Month & these important health observances…

Here are the important June health awareness days Baldwin Publishing includes in the Celebrate Today! Health Awareness Calendar. You can use these health observances to boost social media engagement and online traffic to your health and wellness website in June 2023.

Baldwin’s writers create wellness content for every health observance day in June. Each article, graphic and video can be customized by your hospital or health organization and shared on social media pages.

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Here are some of the June 2023 health observances we include:

Men’s Health Month
Grab the attention of your social media followers with this surprising health fact: erectile dysfunction is a possible warning sign of heart disease. For Men’s Health Month, Baldwin writers discuss the similarities between ED and heart disease and why men shouldn’t ignore signs of either of these health conditions.

Safety Month
Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and have some fun. But many people don’t realize that many outdoor activities can lead to injuries. For Safety Month, share Baldwin’s 5 tips to help avoid common summer mishaps.

Migraine and Headache Month
A headache can throw off your whole day. Whether it’s unexpected or a pretty common occurrence, all you want is a quick and easy remedy. This month Baldwin writers share 10 tips that can help provide fast headache relief.

Great Outdoors Month
For Great Outdoors Month, encourage your social media followers to try trail running. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy nature while breaking a sweat. Baldwin writers share 6 tips to get the most out of this outdoor exercise.

Liver Health Matters Month
Most people know that drinking too much alcohol can do a number on your liver. But there are actually other things you drink, eat and do regularly that can negatively affect this essential organ. For Liver Health Matters Month, Baldwin shares 5 surprising things that may damage your liver.

Hernia Month
Different types of hernias may cause different symptoms. And some may not cause any symptoms at all! For Hernia Month, Baldwin writers discuss how to know if you may have a hernia — and what you should do about it.

June Health Day Observances

June 4: Cancer Survivors Day
Many cancer survivors don’t know how to manage the tide of emotions they experience after completing their treatment. For Cancer Survivors Day, share Baldwin’s article that talks about the different feelings that cancer survivors go through, and how they can best manage them.

June 10: Family Health and Fitness Day
Inspire your followers to be more active this month by promoting Family Health and Fitness Day on social media. Share Baldwin’s article that outlines 5 tips for creating a fun family fitness challenge.

June 18: Father’s Day
Celebrate the fathers in your online community by sharing our Father’s Day recipe for Dill Chicken Burgers with Bacon Broccoli Slaw. This heart healthy grill recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks™ library is full of flavors that Dad will love, including turkey bacon, almonds and blue cheese.

June 21: First Day of Summer
Celebrate the start of summer by sharing our animated graphic on your social media channels. Our fun, eye-catching holiday graphics are sure to engage your followers and encourage more likes.

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