The July 2023 Health Days Calendar includes content for UV Safety Month, Healthy Vision Month, Minority Mental Health Month & these important health observances…

Here are the important July health awareness days Baldwin Publishing includes in the Celebrate Today! Health Awareness Calendar. Hospitals can use these health observances to boost social media engagement and online traffic to health and wellness websites in July 2023.

Baldwin’s writers create wellness content for every health observance day in July. Each article, graphic and video can be customized by your hospital or health organization and shared on your social media channels.

Do you have verified health content to share on social media? All Baldwin content is medically reviewed and ready to post. We also have content to fit all of your health organization’s print and digital needs, including newsletters, websites and blogs.

Here are some of the July 2023 health observances we include in our monthly calendar:

Fireworks Safety Month
For many families, it’s a tradition to set off fireworks on the Fourth of July. However, some people don’t know the proper way to light and dispose of fireworks, leading to injuries every year. For Fireworks Safety Month, share Baldwin’s 15 fireworks safety tips with your community to help keep them safe on this celebratory summer holiday.

UV Safety Month
July is often bursting with sunshine, which is why it’s a great time to remind your community how to stay protected from sun damage. For UV Safety Month, share Baldwin’s animated short video with 9 sun safety tips.

Healthy Vision Month
Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer, including swimming, fishing, gardening and sports. However, without the proper precautions, some of these activities can become hazardous to your eyes. For Healthy Vision Month, Baldwin writers discuss 7 outdoor activities that could damage your eyes, and what you can do to keep them protected.

Minority Mental Health Month
With mental health issues on the rise, it’s essential that people who need help feel encouraged and supported. However, in some minority communities, there is a stigma about seeking professional help. For Minority Mental Health Month, Baldwin writers share tips on how people of color can become their own mental health advocates.

National Grilling Month
For National Grilling Month, share Baldwin’s recipe for Caprese Burgers on social media. In this low-carb recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® library, hamburger buns are replaced with grilled beefsteak tomatoes for a meal that’s bursting with fresh summer flavors!

Chronic Disease Month
Whether your COVID-19 symptoms were mild or severe, you may experience lingering or returning symptoms. These can show up months after you test positive. For Chronic Disease Month, share Baldwin’s article that discusses the various symptoms of long COVID and what you can do to ease symptoms.

July Health Day Observances 

July 4: Independence Day
Celebrate the Fourth of July with your followers by sharing our animated graphic on social media. This fun and colorful fireworks graphic is sure to engage your followers and encourage more likes on your post.

July 7: World Chocolate Day
The chocolate lovers in your community will enjoy reading Baldwin’s article for World Chocolate Day. Our writers share 6 ways to enjoy chocolate that won’t ruin your summer diet! Here’s one healthy chocolate recipe you can share for Chocolate Pudding Pops.

July 16: National Ice Cream Day
Many people put ice cream at the top of their list of favorite treats. But eating too much of this indulgent dessert can be bad for your health. For National Ice Cream Day, share Baldwin’s article that explains how to make your own healthy ice cream at home. Here’s a recipe for homemade strawberry ice cream you can share on social media.

July 31: National Avocado Day
Celebrate National Avocado Day by sharing Baldwin’s avocado infographic on social media. This fun and informative animated graphic explains why this nutrient-filled fruit is so good for your health. Want to share a healthy avocado recipe? Here’s a recipe for Avocado Toast.

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