The April 2023 Health Days Calendar includes content for Defeat Diabetes Month, Minority Health Month, National Public Health Week & these important health observances…

Here are the important April health awareness days Baldwin Publishing includes in the Celebrate Today! Health Awareness Calendar. Promote these health observances in your newsletter, website, blog and social media to boost engagement and online traffic in April 2023.

Baldwin writers create wellness content for every health observance day. You can customize each article for your hospital or health organization.

Stress Awareness Month
We’re always told that chronic stress should be avoided at all costs, but did you know that some stress can actually be good for you? This month Baldwin writers share 5 ways stress can actually be beneficial to your health.

Defeat Diabetes Month
Getting diagnosed with diabetes helps people get on the right path towards living a healthier life, but for some, making these lifestyle changes can be challenging. For Defeat Diabetes Month, Baldwin writers offer 5 tips to help navigate life with diabetes.

Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease may help you better manage symptoms and delay progression of the disease. For Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Baldwin writers share early signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for.

National Minority Health Month
There’s a lot you can do to live a longer and healthier life. But there’s one major factor affecting life expectancy that many people don’t consider. For National Minority Health Month, Baldwin writers explain how your ethnic background may have a bigger role in your health and wellness than you realize.

Donate Life Month
Every 10 minutes someone is added to the waiting list for an organ transplant. Encourage your community to consider a living-donor organ donation with Baldwin’s article that offers answers to the most common donor questions.

IBS Awareness Month
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common digestive condition experienced by both women and men. For IBS Awareness Month, share Baldwin’s article that explains how the gut microbiome is linked to IBS and how to improve it for symptom relief.

Soy Foods Month
Share this recipe for a Tofu Breakfast Burrito for Soy Foods Month. This breakfast recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks™ library is a hearty start to the day that’s packed with protein.

April Health Week Observances

April 3 – 9: National Public Health Week
Comfort foods seem to do just that: comfort you. But this short-term mood booster may have more impact on your health than you realize. For National Public Health Week, Baldwin writers identify which foods can help — or harm— your mental health.

April 24 – 28: Every Kid Healthy Week
For Every Kid Healthy Week, Baldwin writers share 6 healthy eating habits to teach kids when they’re young that will set the stage for lifelong healthier living.

April 24 – 30: World Immunization Week
Some parents don’t follow the vaccine schedule that is recommended by their child’s doctor. Help your community understand the importance of regular vaccination by sharing Baldwin’s article that explains why vaccines are so crucial for kids’ health.

April Health Day Observances

April 5: Easter
Celebrate Easter by sharing this adorable recipe for Deviled Egg Chicks with your community. This new recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooks™ Test Kitchen is an easy protein-filled snack that kids young and old will love!

April 22: Earth Day
Looking to encourage your community to get off the couch and move more? For Earth Day, Baldwin writers share 7 inspiring ways to get more exercise while enjoying the great outdoors.

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