The May 2023 Health Days Calendar includes content for Women’s Health Month, American Stroke Month, Better Sleep Month & these important health observances…

Here are the important May health awareness days Baldwin Publishing includes in the Celebrate Today! Health Awareness Calendar. You can use these health observances to boost social media engagement and online traffic in May 2023.

Need health content for your health organization’s newsletter, website, or blog? We’ve got that covered, too!

Baldwin’s writers create wellness content for every health observance day in May. Each article, graphic and video can be customized by your hospital or health organization.

Here are some of the May 2023 health observances we include:

Women’s Health Month
Many women over 40 are in search of the secret to looking and feeling younger. For Women’s Health Month, Baldwin writers share 9 health tips that can help women slow aging and restore youthful vitality. No plastic surgery required!

American Stroke Month
The recent hospitalization of Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman has shined a spotlight on the link between stroke and depression. For American Stroke Month, Baldwin writers dive deeper into the reasons why depression and stroke go hand in hand, and what symptoms to be on the lookout for in stroke patients.

National Nurses Month
Baldwin designers are now creating customizable moving graphics for holidays and health awareness days. Share our National Nurses Month animated graphic on your social media pages in May to get more likes and follows!

Better Sleep Month
Millions of people experience insomnia at one point or another in their lives. For Better Sleep Month, Baldwin writers share some insights about how a lack of sleep can affect your heart health and what you can do to improve your nightly sleeping habits.

Arthritis Month
Your knees are the largest joints in your body, which is why knee pain often impacts your quality of life. For Arthritis Month, Baldwin shares 9 tips to help keep your knees in tip-top shape.

Mental Health Month
Mental health providers began offering online therapy sessions during the pandemic. Although many are now back to holding regular office hours, online therapy may still be the best option for some patients. Baldwin writers discuss why this may be the case.

Celiac Awareness Month
“Do I have a gluten allergy?” Many people find themselves asking this question as symptoms of celiac disease can vary greatly from person to person. For Celiac Awareness Month, share our article that explains the causes and symptoms of celiac disease, and how to know if it’s time to get tested for gluten intolerance.

Barbecue Month
It’s Barbecue Month! Encourage your followers to grill healthier this month by sharing our Veggie Burger recipe. This plant-based burger from Baldwin’s Health eCooks™ library is packed with flavor and lean protein to satisfy the hunger of vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

May Health Day Observances

May 1: Melanoma Monday
We know that early detection of skin cancer can greatly increase patients’ survival rates. But how do you know if that spot is just a mole or something more serious? For Melanoma Monday, Baldwin writers discuss the “ABCs” of identifying cancerous spots on the skin.

May 15: Employee Health and Fitness Day
Chronic stress can lead to all sorts of health issues, including high blood pressure, a weaker immune system and poor mental health. Encourage your employees to put their health first with Baldwin’s tips for establishing a healthier work-life balance.

May 29: Memorial Day
Celebrate Memorial Day with your followers by sharing Baldwin’s animated holiday graphic on social media.

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