Are you looking for healthy diet recipes for your blog or website? Consider the Seventh Day Adventist recipe library from Baldwin Publishing.

The Adventist diet consists primarily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, dairy products and healthy fats. Although many Adventists follow a vegetarian diet, others do eat meat. So meat and fish recipes are included in this recipe library.

Baldwin Publishing recently released a special Health eCooking® recipe library that addresses the dietary needs of the Seventh Day Adventist faith. The custom-curated Adventist recipes were originally developed for AdventHealth Wesley Chapel.

The recipes are now available to all Adventist hospitals and any organization looking for healthy recipes that don’t include pork, shellfish or alcohol. The Adventist recipe library is filled with hundreds of healthy recipes and beautiful food photos. Most recipes also include a how-to-cook recipe video.

The Adventist diet has become internationally renowned. It was featured on the TODAY Show’s “Eating to 100” series during a story about centenarians from Loma Linda, California, where half the residents are Seventh Day Adventists. The residents’ dietary habits, along with other healthy lifestyle factors, are credited with helping them to live longer than most Americans.

Many Loma Linda residents enjoy the lowest rates of heart disease and diabetes in the country. They also have very low rates of obesity and cognitive decline. This Southern California community is the only town in the United States considered a “Blue Zone,” a label awarded to only a handful of locations around the world where people tend to live much longer than average. Other Blue Zones are in Italy, Greece and Costa Rica.

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