In this American Hospital Association presentation two health marketing leaders describe how they use the SHSMD Health Awareness Day Calendar as a Strategic Marketing Tool

How do you use Health Awareness Days to elevate your communication strategy? Awareness days such as Nutrition Month in March or Stress Awareness Month in April are fun opportunities to create popular social media posts. But that’s just the beginning. Health awareness events such as IBS Awareness Month or Sleep Awareness Week present valuable opportunities to promote your hospital’s gastroenterologists or sleep studies.

Health content publisher Baldwin Publishing joined the American Hospital Association’s Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) to demonstrate how hospitals use health awareness days as a strategic marketing tool. SHSMD posted a video of the webinar, “How to Use Health Awareness Days to Elevate Your Communication Strategy,” on the Association’s website. The webinar features case studies led by Baldwin Publishing’s content editor and two hospital marketing leaders who use health awareness days to build and execute their regional marketing strategy.

Each month, Baldwin Publishing produces articles, recipes and videos linked to national health awareness days. Hospitals customize and share the content on websites, blogs, newsletters and social media pages. The topics are related to popular health observances such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and American Heart Month, as well as less known observances like Cervical Health Month and Healthy Weight Week.

A robust supply of health awareness articles for a hospital blog

The hospital case studies featured strategic communication leaders at The Baton Rouge Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA, and Bates County Memorial Hospital in Butler, MO. Both marketers explained how they use health observance days to plan communications for the community and hospital employees.

Bridget Gaffney, Marketing & Communications Coordinator for The Baton Rouge Clinic, explains how Baldwin’s Health Awareness Content Guide gives her access to dozens of articles every month. This Guide helps her plan and post a new article or recipe nearly every day to the Baton Rouge Clinic Blog. Ms. Gaffney selects and downloads health articles from the guide and customizes each article before posting the blog.

“We send the Baldwin articles to one of our specialists to review and provide a quote,” said Ms. Gaffney, explaining that when she posts the article to her blog, she features the specialist’s quote, and adds contact information for that particular service line.

Ms. Gaffney also uses Baldwin’s Health Awareness Content Guide as an outline for planning and posting to the clinic’s social media pages. She links her social posts back to her blog to increase traffic to her website.

A “plug and play” content portal, automated social media posts and a newsletter for a community hospital

Andrea Jackson is a one-person marketing department at Bates County Memorial Hospital. She explains how Baldwin’s automated Taste of Wellness content portal enables her to provide important health information to her Missouri community as well as her hospital’s employees.

“Part of the reason we wanted to bring Baldwin on was to provide educational content that’s been vetted and reviewed that I don’t have to spend a lot of time researching,” she said.

Ms. Jackson licenses Baldwin’s Taste of Wellness portal, a “plug and play” content library that is customized for the hospital’s website. Taste of Wellness is automatically updated by Baldwin Publishing editors every month with new health articles, recipes and videos related to health awareness days. Ms. Jackson is able to share the content on the hospital social media pages with a simple click of a button.

“I wear a lot of hats in my organization and I’m very thankful to have this health content that I can just plug in and share with my community,” said Ms. Jackson. She also shares the health content with Bates County Memorial Hospital employees through an Employee Intranet Portal.

Ms. Jackson takes the health content a step further by selecting articles in her portal to feature in her hospital’s digital newsletter. Baldwin creates and deploys the quarterly digital newsletter to hospital community subscribers.

Health Content You Can Trust

Baldwin Publishing has been writing health articles and producing healthy recipes and videos for hospitals and health organizations for over 30 years. Baldwin Publishing creates medically reviewed articles, recipes and videos that health organizations can customize and publish to promote 2023 health awareness days.

If you’re searching for health content for a health website, newsletter, blog or social media platforms, contact Baldwin Publishing.