This 2024 calendar of health observances in February includes content for American Heart Month, World Cancer Day, Wear Red Day, and these important monthly health observances…

Celebrate every national observance in February 2024 with Baldwin Publishing’s Celebrate Today Health Observances Calendar. Hospital marketing professionals can use the monthly health awareness days in this calendar to drive online traffic to websites and boost social media engagement.

Baldwin Publishing has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare publishing, creating health and wellness content for every national health observance day in February, as well as observance days for every month in 2024.

Our content includes health articles, holiday graphics and wellness videos that you can share on social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We also have graphics that can be branded for your organization and customizable articles to promote your hospital’s services.

All of Baldwin’s monthly health awareness content is medically reviewed and ready to post to websites, blogs, social media and digital newsletters.

Baldwin Publishing is the premier sponsor of the 2024 SHSMD Calendar of National Health Observances and Recognition Days for hospitals and health organizations.

Here is a sample of the February 2024 health observances we include in the Celebrate Today calendar:

American Heart Month
If you think your heart health and mental health aren’t connected, think again. Research shows that there is more of a relationship between these two aspects of our health than many people realize. For American Heart Month, share Baldwin’s article that discusses five ways your mental health may be impacting your heart.

Children’s Dental Health Month
Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children in the U.S., according to the CDC. Encourage parents in your community to teach their children the importance of good oral hygiene with Baldwin’s article for Children’s Dental Health Month.

Hot Breakfast Month
Whether you prefer your breakfast sweet or savory, a meal packed with healthy protein is the best way to start the morning feeling energized and full. For Hot Breakfast Month, Baldwin writers share protein-packed breakfast ideas to help you start the day strong. You can also share these heart healthy breakfast recipes on social media.

Wise Healthcare Consumer Month
If you’re trying to find the best person to manage your health for you, just look in the mirror. With the right tools, anyone can feel empowered to make important health decisions. For Wise Healthcare Consumer Month, Baldwin writers share 5 of the best ways to be your own health advocate.

February Health Awareness Days and Weeks

Feb. 2: Wear Red Day
Heart disease has long been thought of as a man’s disease. But in reality, it affects both men and women. For Wear Red Day, share Baldwin’s article that discusses the most common cardiovascular conditions that affect women, and which health conditions should be monitored closely so they don’t impact heart health.

Feb. 4: World Cancer Day
Each person’s journey with cancer is different, but one stop along the way that’s always worth celebrating is the moment you’re told that you are cancer-free. Inspire your followers to celebrate their “cancerversary” with Baldwin’s article for World Cancer Day.

Feb. 11: Super Bowl
Join your social media followers in the excitement of the Super Bowl by sharing a heart healthy recipe for Taco Dip. This football party appetizer from Baldwin’s Health eCooks® Test Kitchen is a low-calorie favorite to serve during the big game.

Feb. 11—17: Heart Failure Awareness Week
A heart failure diagnosis is a sign that it’s time to make lifestyle changes. For Heart Failure Awareness Week, share Baldwin’s article that discusses heart failure symptoms to watch for so you can get diagnosed and start a treatment plan to help you live a healthier life.

Feb. 11—17: Cardiac Rehab Week
Becoming more physically active is one of the best things you can do to improve your heart health after a cardiac event. For Cardiac Rehab Week, Baldwin writers offer tips on how to safely exercise and get your heart into tip-top shape, either on your own or through a cardiac rehab program recommended by a doctor.

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day
Encourage your community to share the love on Valentine’s Day by posting Baldwin’s customizable graphic on social media. You can also share a healthy recipe for Valentine’s Day with your followers.

Feb. 17: Café au Lait Day
Many of us reach for a mug (or a jug) of coffee in the morning to start the day, but do you ever think about how many calories it contains? Unless you drink your coffee black, there’s a good chance that cup of Joe is adding a lot of extra sugar and fat to your diet. For Café au Lait Day, share Baldwin’s article that offers 7 tips for making your daily cup of coffee a little healthier.

Feb. 28—March 5: Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Many people assume that eating disorders only affect women, but about one in three people who have an eating disorder are men, according to NEDA. For Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Baldwin writers share the most common eating disorders and signs to watch for in others.

Baldwin Publishing’s monthly health observance calendar is the perfect planning tool for hospitals and health marketers. Our customizable articles, graphics, images and videos tie into national health observance days while also encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle.

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