August 2021 health observance calendar includes Immunization Awareness Month, Neurosurgery Awareness Month, Heatstroke Awareness Day and these important days…

Your August 2021 Health Observance Calendar includes health and wellness observances to engage and educate audiences online. Here are all the Baldwin Publishing health awareness content days for August in our Celebrate Today Social Media Guide. Recognize these health observances on your blog, newsletter, website and social media, and you will drive more appointments and online traffic.

August 2021 Health Observance Calendar

Month Observances

Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness Month educates communities about the safety of vaccines and provides information about children’s vaccination requirements as they return to school.

National Peach Month

Peaches are a fantastic way to add flavor to salads, appetizers and main dishes. This seasonal fruit can be added to a variety of recipes for a summery twist that is sure to engage audiences.

Neurosurgery Awareness Month

Hospitals can use Neurosurgery Awareness Month to promote surgeons as well as share the most up to date information in this constantly-evolving field.

Week Observances

Aug 1-7: National Farmer’s Market Week

By promoting locally grown produce, health organizations can educate followers about the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as the importance of supporting their local small businesses.

Day Observances

Aug 3: Watermelon Day

Not only are watermelons delicious, but they are also hydrating and full of vitamins. Feature this fruit on your social media platform for some fun summer engagement.

Aug 4: Heatstroke Awareness Day

Every year, hundreds of people die due to heat stroke. Share important information about the warning signs of heatstroke to prevent serious injury during the hottest period of the year.

Aug 8: Zucchini Day

Zucchini is a cost-efficient, nutritious vegetable that can be worked into a variety of recipes. Feature this vegetable on your social media or blog for a healthy twist on a classic recipe.

Aug 16: Back to School Day

With many students around the country returning to full time in-person learning, now is a perfect opportunity for health organizations to address concerns and fears for children about returning to normal life following the pandemic.

Aug 26: International Dog Day

Man’s best friend brings joy and companionship to so many people. International Dog Day serves as an opportunity for health organizations to discuss pet safety including checking for ticks, staying updated with shots, and safety around small children.

Aug 27: Wildfire Awareness Day

Wildfires affect the health and wellbeing of thousands every year. Providing information promotes safety and prevention measures that people can take during the time of the year that wildfires are the most prevalent.

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