Baldwin Publishing provides emergency preparedness content for hospitals to share with employees, patients and the community.

This season Baldwin Publishing released a new health library for emergency planning and disaster recovery. The library includes articles on storm preparedness, wildfires, how to create a weather emergency plan, and tips on preparing to shelter in place.

As the number of weather emergencies continues to grow, health organizations such as hospitals and employee wellness groups asked health publisher Baldwin Publishing to create relevant emergency planning and disaster recovery content that can be easily shared with the public.

More than 32 percent of Americans live in a county or state that was declared a disaster area by FEMA this summer, according to The Washington Post.

Tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires have increased exponentially since 2018, resulting in evacuations, power outages, flooding, and overall property damage or even loss of life. The COVID-19 pandemic also continues to spread across the country, making these emergency situations more complicated and more stressful, especially when there are forced evacuations.

Baldwin Publishing provides thousands of health articles, videos and images for clients to post on websites, apps and social media.

And now Baldwin Publishing is offering a content library specifically related to emergency planning such as “knowing what to pack” and “how to prepare,” and helpful content to use for disaster recovery. This includes tips on how to avoid mold in your home after flooding, as well as how to stay safe during home demolition and rebuilding.

Emergency planning and disaster recovery content also touches on how stress, anxiety and depression are closely tied to weather disasters. Baldwin offers behavioral health tips for mentally recovering from these unexpected emergencies, which can help alleviate a lot of mental health distress.

It is important for organizations to have a ready-to-use resource for content on emergency planning and disaster recovery, to help communities be better prepared.

Baldwin Publishing will continue to provide emergency planning and disaster recovery content to clients through November, during the peak weather disaster season in the United States.