Connect with your staff by recognizing employee health days through celebrations and team building activities.

Looking for new ways to encourage employee retention? Acknowledging employee health days through employee recognition ceremonies, celebrations and activity days can help employees connect to their workplace and establish strong ties with their coworkers.

Human resource directors and department managers can use these employee health days to plan employee communications and special events for staff to encourage employee retention.

Hospitals, marketing departments and community education departments can use these employee health days to plan community health events and social media campaigns.

Here are employee health days in January 2022:

  • Motivation and Inspiration Day (January 2nd)

Send a motivational email to your team on Monday to get them ready to take on the week.

  • National Pharmacist Day (January 12th)

Send an eCard or stop by the pharmacy with a small gift to let your pharmacists know they are appreciated.

  • National IV Nurse Day (January 25th)

Hold a celebration for the infusion nurse specialists in your organization today. Recognize them for the hard work they do all year long.

  • National Puzzle Day (January 29th)

Puzzles stimulate the brain and serve as great team builders. Bring a few puzzles to the break room to encourage interaction and teamwork.

  • National Blood Donor Month

Have your department host a Blood Drive by scheduling through Just one donation can save lives.

Looking for ideas for employee health days for the rest of the year? Contact Baldwin Publishing for a full calendar for 2022.