The September 2022 Health Days Calendar includes content for Cholesterol Education Month, Healthy Aging Month, Prostate Health Month & these important days…

Here are the important September health awareness days Baldwin Publishing includes in our “Celebrate Today!” Social Media Guide. Recognize these health observances on your blog, newsletter, website and social media to drive engagement and online traffic in September 2022. Baldwin writes topical articles for every health observance day, ready to customize for your hospital or health organization.

September 2022 Health Days Calendar

  • Prostate Health Month
    Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. During Prostate Health Month, educate your community by sharing the risk factors associated with this disease.
  • AFib Month
    Atrial fibrillation, or AFib, is the most common type of arrhythmia in adults, and increases the chances of having a stroke. During AFib Month, Baldwin writers discuss the symptoms and warning signs of AFib.
  • National Preparedness Month
    Weather emergencies can strike at any time with little to no warning. Help your community be prepared by providing Baldwin’s tips on how to create an emergency plan that keeps everyone safe.
  • Pain Awareness Month
    Don’t know what to say or do when someone you love is in pain? During Pain Awareness Month, Baldwin offers tips on the best ways to support someone who experiences chronic pain.
  • Cholesterol Education Month
    A vegetarian diet can help improve cholesterol levels, but only when you eat the right foods. During Cholesterol Education Month, Baldwin offers tips on which vegetarian foods should be part of a healthy diet, and which foods should get left on the grocery store shelf.
  • PAD Month
    If peripheral artery disease (PAD) is left untreated, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke. This month, Baldwin has an article that discusses ways to identify PAD and certain lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk.
  • Ovarian Cancer Month
    Ovarian cancer has been referred to as the “disease that whispers” because early stages often cause subtle symptoms. During Ovarian Cancer Month, Baldwin provides a list of symptoms to watch for so women can be more proactive identifying this disease.
  • Childhood Obesity Month
    Over 30% of children in the United States are currently considered overweight or obese. For Childhood Obesity Month, Baldwin lists activities will get kids more active and encourage weight loss.
  • National Recovery Month
    Identifying an addiction in someone you know may be harder than it seems. During National Recovery Month, Baldwin Publishing offers tips to identify concerning behaviors in a friend or loved one.
  • National Chicken Month
    For National Chicken Month, our chefs have cooked up a delicious ginger chicken recipe that’s made with a handful of healthy ingredients. Share this recipe from Baldwin’s Health eCooking® library.
  • Healthy Aging Month
    Older adults are at an increased risk for social isolation and loneliness, which can affect their health. This month, Baldwin shares tips on how to combat the health hazards associated with loneliness.
  • Whole Grains Month
    Whole grains have loads of fiber, minerals and antioxidants to help keep you healthy. Refined grains, however, do not. This month, share Baldwin’s list of whole grain foods to keep in the cupboard, and a list of refined grains that should stay off the grocery list.
  • Sepsis Awareness Month
    Anyone can develop sepsis, but some people are at higher risk, including adults over age 65 and people with chronic medical conditions. This month, Baldwin shares best practices for avoiding a sepsis infection.
  • Food Safety Education Month
    For Food Safety Education Month, Baldwin shares tips on how to keep food surfaces clean and avoid food bacteria.
  • Suicide Prevention Month
    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports that nearly 46,000 Americans took their own lives in 2020. For Suicide Prevention Month, educate your community about depression by sharing the warning signs.

Week Observances

  • Sept. 18 – Sept. 24 Fall Prevention Awareness Week
    Falls are the leading cause of injury in adults over the age of 65. For Fall Prevention Awareness Week, Baldwin lists 20 ways to reduce the risk of falling.