Baldwin Publishing has been writing content for health awareness days for nearly 30 years, so it’s a natural fit that we sponsor the 2022 Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days for the AHA’s marketing arm, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD)

The SHSMD Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days has become an important marketing tool for American hospitals. It’s a practical, timely resource that lists 12 months of health observance days to help hospitals plan community health events, employee communications, and social media campaigns.

Hospital human resource departments plan staff recognition events that are noted in the calendar. Skilled Nursing Care Week, Cardiovascular Professionals Week, Phlebotomists’ Recognition Week and Medical Laboratory Professionals Week are just a few of the many notable staff recognition observances included in this calendar.

Social media marketing directors use the SHSMD calendar, its hashtags, and handles to plan and create social media posts to increase patient appointments. This can include posts on National Immunization Awareness Month, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, American Diabetes Month, and American Heart Month.

And for health care strategists, the health awareness calendar is designed to help plan 2022 community health events, as well as internal and external communications. This includes National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, Men’s and Women’s Health Weeks, and Community Health Improvement Week.

Baldwin Publishing creates content for hospital websites and social media pages. We write articles that hospitals can customize and use to promote every health awareness day listed in the 2022 calendar, plus many more. Our editorial team produces text, images, graphics, and videos for hospital events, from American Heart Month in February to Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November.

In our Health eCooking® test kitchen, Baldwin Publishing’s chefs and dietitians develop hundreds of healthy recipes, from low carb dishes that hospitals can publish during Diabetes Month, to celiac friendly baking ideas to post on Instagram during Gluten Free Baking Week.

The 2022 Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days is available for SHSMD members to download for free on the SHSMD website here. 

If you need articles, social media posts, images or graphics to promote Health Awareness days for your hospital website and social media campaign, contact Baldwin Publishing.