National Health Observance Content for Social Media

Get articles, recipes and images for health observances and national awareness days.

Baldwin Publishing creates health observance content that is easy to customize and post on social media every day. Our ready-to-post health articles, recipes, images, videos and infographics are optimized for sharing on national health observances, social awareness days and food holidays.

Did you know that…

May is National Salad Month…August is National Immunization Awareness Month…and September is all about promoting Healthy Aging?

Every day presents a new opportunity to post topical social health content that boosts your brand. When you tie your social media content strategy to a health observance calendar it:

• Promotes wellness and generates good will for your brand
• Puts your services and products in front of your targeted audience
• Expands your social media presence
• Drives traffic to your website
• Educates your community about important health observances

Do you need socially engaging articles, recipes and images to post on more than 300 health awareness days?

Now you can get all the health content you need with Baldwin Publishing’s Social Media Toolkit. Baldwin’s researchers, curators and writers work year-round to research the most popular health observances and social awareness days. We create engaging content perfect for posting on those days.

We load your Social Media Toolkit with articles, recipes, images, videos and infographics – health observance content that is ready to post. We also make it easy for you to plan your social media posting schedule. We tell you when to post the content and even provide hashtags.

Our Social Media Toolkit features:

• A 3-month rolling editorial calendar highlighting popular health observances
• Health content for over 300 awareness days (articles, recipes, images, etc.)
• Engaging content that is easy to customize and post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
• Relevant hashtags

National health observances have become so popular that health, grocery and retail marketers are now recognizing the value this type of content can add to their social media content strategy. With Baldwin’s Social Media Toolkit, it’s easy to post engaging health observance content that captures readers’ attention and promotes your products and services.


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