Can you use a boost in clicks to your hospital website? Post a health quiz!

Health quizzes can be about almost anything that will pique readers’ interest. The quizzes provide valuable health information in a fun-to-read format that keep readers engaged while keeping them informed.

This summer, Baldwin Publishing created a quiz about ice cream after learning that Americans eat more than 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream a year. That’s enough ice cream to fill 10,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools! Information in the nutrition quiz was designed to help people learn more about their favorite summertime treat so they can make better decisions about whether to include ice cream in their diet and to clear up some misconceptions about indulging in the sweet snack.

Many of Baldwin’s clients celebrated National Ice Cream Day and engaged readers with the interactive health quiz about ice cream. And many were surprised by how much traffic this one quiz drove to their sites!

Health quizzes have been shown to receive up to 30% more clicks than non-interactive articles. Blessing Health received such a big boost in clicks from their ice cream quiz this summer, they asked us to supply them with more quizzes to engage their subscribers.

One enewsletter subscriber even requested permission to use the ice cream quiz in her church newsletter after viewing it on Blessing Health’s site. After taking the quiz, she thought others would enjoy reading the information, too.

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