Just as beautifully displayed produce can entice shoppers at a supermarket, beautiful food photos can draw visitors to a supermarket website.

McCaffrey’s Food Markets operates a chain of grocery stores in Southeastern PA and Central NJ. One reason McCaffrey’s has been successful in opening and operating stores in Philadelphia’s wealthier suburbs is that shoppers love their high-quality fresh food, including their exceptional selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not only are shoppers’ senses indulged when they walk into a McCaffrey’s store and meander through their produce section, but when visitors come to their website they are met with month-watering food photos and accompanying healthy recipes. The supermarket chain features more than 1,000 Health eCooking® recipes and cooking videos on their website. This gives customers plenty of ideas of what to do with the quality food they buy at McCaffrey’s. The recipes also send website visitors to the store to pick up the needed ingredients to make the recipes they see.

In addition to offering the option to search for recipes based on specific meal types (breakfast, appetizers, entrees, sides or desserts), special diets (heart healthy, diabetic or gluten free) or particular ingredients, McCaffrey’s features an updated page every month dedicated to themed recipes that incorporate the freshest foods and tastes of the season. These featured recipes include in-season produce and suit seasonable food cravings.

For example, it’s currently strawberry season and some of the most popular recipes on McCaffreys.com at this time of year feature this sweet, delicious fruit.  Check out these recipes for Chocolate Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Orange Smoothie and a 50 calorie Strawberry Avocado Salsa – and you’ll see why the healthy recipes on McCaffrey’s website keep visitors coming back for more. And how these healthy recipes featuring quality ingredients are sending shoppers through their doors.

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