Does your hospital newsletter need more bites this summer? Bug stories may be the answer.

In the summertime, people have bugs on their mind. That’s why your hospital newsletter is the perfect place to start a bug conversation. People click on bug stories more than you can imagine.

Baldwin Publishing’s bug stories generate lots of clicks. The most popular articles are focused on mosquitos and ticks, but lice and bed bugs also get people clicking. Subscribers want to know how to protect themselves from bug bites and stings, especially with the increasing prevalence of Lyme disease, West Nile virus and Zika. When school begins, stories about treating lice get noticed.

To make the most of a buggy situation, tie your bug story to something local. Then promote it in your newsletter subject line.

For example, when Rutland Regional Medical Center made the subject of their enewsletter “Ticks in Vermont: The Fears, The Facts,” the Vermont hospital received a 32% open rate and nearly 1,000 clicks to their compelling article about ticks. Baldwin Publishing wrote the hospital’s newsletter content and deployed their enewsletter to their subscriber list.  Thanks to the high open rate on the tick content, hundreds of local residents attended a seminar Rutland offered on Lyme disease led by their physicians.

Don’t let bugs bug you. Embrace the power they have to attract readers to your hospital newsletter!

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