When Deborah Heart and Lung Center launched a hospital newsletter, they followed these 3 steps to grow their digital subscriber base.

Are you looking to increase the number of email subscribers to your hospital newsletter?  Are you struggling to grow your email subscriber list?

Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a small hospital in central New Jersey, was interested in connecting with women ages 40-70 who may be potential cardiac patients.

Here’s how this hospital signed up 12,000 women for their digital newsletter in just two years…

The hospital marketing department had only 300 email addresses when they launched Baldwin Publishing’s newsletter service. Baldwin helped the hospital quickly expand their email subscriber list by recommending Deborah follow these three steps:

  1. Offer cookbook incentives to new email subscribers. Deborah offers a free heart-healthy cookbook to everyone who visits the hospital website and signs up for their newsletter.  The digital cookbook developed by Baldwin is filled with easy recipes and beautiful food photos. When you download it, your email is added to the hospital newsletter list. Sign up here to see the cookbook subscriber experience.
  1. Collect email addresses at hospital events. Deborah sponsors dozens of seminars and events throughout the year. The marketing department collects emails from attendees and submits the addresses to Baldwin.  We then manage the hospital’s email lists, remove duplicates and deploy a monthly hospital newsletter to subscribers.
  1. Put kiosks in shopping malls to collect subscriber names. Hundreds of women shopping for retail end up also shopping for a Deborah doctor at mall kiosks in New Jersey.  The mall kiosks generate hundreds of new subscribers for the hospital newsletter.

In addition to growing their email subscriber list, Deborah had to make sure they were sharing content that would engage their subscribers. That’s why they turned to Baldwin to produce and deploy their newsletters.

Every month, Baldwin creates newsletters filled with compelling articles, quizzes, infographics, images and videos that contain valuable information of interest to Deborah’s newsletter subscriber base – women ages 40-70 who are potential cardiac patients.

We fill the newsletters with heart health tips, recipes and patient/physician stories and select images that middle age women can connect with. Then we deploy each newsletter on optimal days and times every month. Subscribers are encouraged to share the content on Facebook and other sites with easy-to-click social share icons.

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