Baldwin’s newest digital keto cookbook converts web visitors into email subscribers.

Everywhere you turn today someone is talking about the keto diet. This eating plan drastically limits carbohydrates but encourages dieters to eat foods high in fat with moderate levels of protein.

Baldwin Publishing dietitians worked for months in our test kitchen to develop high quality, healthy recipes to address the growing interest in low-carb diets like keto. Then we created our newest B2C cookbook – Healthy Keto.

This lead generation cookbook is designed for businesses that need content to reach people searching online for keto recipes. Like all of Baldwin’s white-labeled cookbooks, Healthy Keto can be customized for your company brand.

The Healthy Keto cookbook is loaded with delicious low-carb recipes. Every recipe is filled with satisfying protein, healthy sources of fat, and fabulous flavor. All keto recipes were developed in Baldwin’s Health eCooking® test kitchen by professional chefs and registered dietitians and every low-carb recipe was photographed by professional food stylists.

Digital cookbooks are powerful lead generation tools for websites.  The Healthy Keto Cookbook will convert web visitors into email subscribers and engage people to take a desired action on your website. Many of Baldwin’s clients capture thousands of email addresses each week using digital cookbook incentives like this. The robust content strategy tool is easy to use – all you do is supply your logo and a full-page ad. We’ll create a customized cookbook for you.

People love healthy recipes, no matter what type of diet they follow. With our digital keto cookbook, you can engage with people interested in healthy recipes that adhere to keto dietary guidelines.

If you’d like to find out more about Healthy Keto – Baldwin’s newest downloadable cookbook – or any of the other lead generation cookbooks we offer, please contact us.

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