Extending Patient Education Through Promotional Calendars

Thousands of patients and visitors across the network of hospitals and healthcare centers in the U.S. will start the 2022 year off with Health eCooking® recipe calendars for patient education.

Health and wellness recipe calendars demonstrate a healthcare center’s commitment to their community’s health and wellness. Not only do customized wall calendars make for great promotional tools, but they help reinforce patient education about the benefits of a healthy diet.

Baldwin’s promotional calendars are branded for each hospital. They are stuffed with healthy recipes and illness prevention tips. Calendars highlight medical appointment and screening recommendations. Some calendar packages also include reminder stickers to encourage medication compliance. Calendars prominently display important phone numbers to make it easy to contact a hospital or other care provider.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Baldwin’s 2022 customizable calendars feature colorful, easy-to-follow recipes and important health plan information for patient education. Each recipe is for heart-healthy and diabetic diets.

The calendars are designed to mount on a recipient’s kitchen wall, the perfect location for easy access to a hospital or healthcare center’s phone number. The large, 12-point print makes it easy to read every recipe and health tip as well as to track appointments and wellness goals.

Custom calendars from Baldwin Publishing are available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

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