The following guidelines have been established by Baldwin Publishing to govern its advertising and sponsorship policy. “Advertising” includes banner, contextual advertising, sponsored content, and or promotions. “Sponsorship” includes any and all third party entities that create, promote, and/or distribute products and services. These regulations govern issues such as acceptance or denial of advertisements and/or sponsorship by Baldwin Publishing. Our policy may be modified at any time in the sole discretion of Baldwin Publishing. If a modification occurs, Baldwin Publishing will post a revised policy to this website.

Baldwin Publishing also does not accept or place advertising from outside parties in or on the Health eCooking® content, recipes, videos and/or web-site, and/or the Cook eKitchenTM content, recipes, videos and/or web-site.  Baldwin Publishing does not generate any revenue from advertising or sponsorships. Clients who license our content may use advertising in conjunction with their Baldwin Publishing licensed content, and may use words, design or placement to differentiate their Baldwin Publishing licensed content from other content. The client has the sole discretion to decide whether and how to differentiate between content licensed from Baldwin Publishing and sponsored content or non-Baldwin Publishing content. However, our clients are prohibited from altering or modifying their Baldwin Publishing licensed content, i.e., our clients are prohibited from placing advertising in or on the content they license from Baldwin Publishing.

Baldwin Publishing does not license or display “sponsored” content in or on the Health eCooking® content, recipes, videos and/or web site, and/or the Cook eKitchenTM content, recipes, videos and/or web-site.

Baldwin Publishing has the sole discretion to determine the type of advertising that will be accepted and displayed on any client’s web site that displays Baldwin Publishing licensed content, and under no circumstances shall Baldwin Publishing’s acceptance of any advertisement be considered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised or the company that manufactures, distributes or promotes such product(s) or service(s).

Baldwin Publishing retains the exclusive right to determine the manner in which any and all search results for specific information, e.g., by topic, keyword or code, in Baldwin Publishing licensed content is displayed on the “search return” and/or in the licensed content. Baldwin Publishing search results are not influenced or based on monetary incentives provided by any advertisers or sponsors.

All content in or on the Health eCooking® content, recipes, videos and/or web-site, and/or the Cook eKitchenTM content, recipes, videos and/or web site has been created, provided and/or approved by Baldwin Publishing personnel who have a demonstrated ability to track and review editorial content and guard against editorial conflicts of interest.

Baldwin Publishing will not contact you to promote goods and services. Baldwin Publishing will contact you only if you have requested sales information through a sales contact form or selected “Yes” from the “Would you like to receive future email updates from Baldwin Publishing” checkbox found on our online forms and/or our website.

Conflict of Interest Policy

All physicians working on Baldwin Publishing projects are required to disclose conflict-of-interest affiliations with any organization, pharmaceutical company, or medical device company when signing a consulting agreement to work with Baldwin Publishing. All physicians must also disclose any conflict-of-interest affiliations when they agree to an assignment.

Baldwin Publishing’s editorial staff evaluates any potential conflict of interest disclosed by a physician, and makes a decision whether or not to continue using the physician. If conflict of interest is determined, the physician will be reassigned or steps will be taken to rectify the situation.

Baldwin Publishing has no financial and/or business relationship based on linking to third-party web-sites.

Baldwin Publishing is a privately owned sole proprietorship. Our content is not supported or endorsed by any individual, group, company or industry that could influence the content.

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Last updated: November 27, 2012