Actually, since every recipe in the cookbook is approved for a low-fat, heart healthy diet, we’ll call them healthy hot cakes!

It would seem appropriate to say that the custom cookbooks created for UVA Health System are selling like hot cakes. Except that UVA isn’t selling them, they’re giving the cookbooks to women who sign up for their Club Red Heart Health Program.

Club Red is a women’s heart health initiative meant to educate and engage. The emphasis is on personal experience. Members meet with a clinician and then follow their clinician’s advice on the Club Red website and Facebook page. The most popular content on the site is the Health eCooking® recipes, fitness videos and nutrition content produced by Baldwin Publishing.

“It has become a lifestyle resource,” says Shea Vaughn, Marketing PR Specialist at UVA Health System. The content encourages members to “make small, easy lifestyle changes that have a huge impact on their overall heart health.”

Man, do we love to hear feedback like that!

The healthy encouragement kicks off when new members receive a welcome package with a Health eCooking cookbook called “Cooking with Club Red.”

The cookbooks and Club Red program have become enormously popular. So much so that Shea just ordered another thousand cookbooks for new members.

We can’t say enough about how proud and excited we are to be a part of such an amazing program for women! To learn more, visit

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