When major events occur, hospitals need to share relevant content with their communities fast.

Baldwin Publishing creates timely content for our clients when serious and tragic events happen, usually pushing out new content within 24 hours. From school shootings and celebrity health scares to weather-related events, we develop content that addresses people’s concerns and answers their questions.

Most recently, we immediately responded to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida by creating an article titled “Help Kids Cope after School Shootings” for hospitals to share with their communities.

This timely content was available the day after this tragic event so hospitals could provide people much-needed information about how to talk to kids to help ease their fears and concerns.

We have received an overwhelming response from hospitals and communities alike. Hospital marketing directors told us it was just what they needed during a difficult time. One hospital marketing manager’s response was “Thank you! I had a conversation this morning with my own children. I will post this ASAP.”

Here’s how hospitals posted on Facebook:

This is not the first time Baldwin has been quick to respond to news-breaking events. We have also provided relevant and timely content to hospitals in the wake of the Vegas shooting, hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters.

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