Have you considered outsourcing health content? More healthcare organizations are turning to writing experts to create quality content for their audience.

Outsourcing health content is a growing trend occurring in every industry. In the 2021 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, marketing professors found that 49% of all respondents reported outsourcing health content. The most notable challenges that companies face is finding content development partners who understand their audience and possess adequate topic expertise.

Hospitals and health systems face increasing challenges creating health content after COVID-19 cutbacks reduced the number of marketing employees. Creating medically accurate, engaging content is both time consuming and intensive. In 2021, more organizations are outsourcing health content by partnering with premium publishers to provide high quality content to promote health, wellness and medical services.

For nearly 30 years, Baldwin Publishing has been a trusted content partner that creates compelling health and wellness articles that meet the needs of the evolving healthcare industry. Baldwin’s health content library contains nearly 5,000 articles and recipes covering a wide variety of topics that include women’s health, cardiac health, behavioral health and more. Articles are written in clear, brief structures that give reader’s the best opportunity to absorb information.

Every piece of content from Baldwin Publishing is medically reviewed by credentialed health professionals. By outsourcing to Baldwin Publishing, companies are able to provide content that they are certain is both accurate and useable to the reader.  Content from Baldwin Publishing is available for all digital and print communication platforms:

  • The Health Library. Updated monthly with new health and wellness content.
  • Health and Wellness Content Created For Social Media. Image based health awareness day content made for quick engagement and easy understanding on social media.
  • Content for eNewsletter.
  • Content for Chronic Disease Management.
  • Recipe Content. Health eCooking recipes and videos for lifestyles and diet plans, diabetes and more.
  • Content Cart. giving you access to 2,300 articles to choose the content you want, when you want it.

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