Here are 5 Facebook trends that are relevant for healthcare marketing.

Pagemodo created a great infographic called 10 Facebook Trends of 2015. While their infographic included 10 trends, we’ve whittled the list down to the 5 we think are most important for healthcare marketers:

  • Video: Facebook video views have surpassed YouTube. Credit goes to the auto-play feature. (How many times have you watched a video on Facebook simply because it just started playing?) This means Facebook is now a perfect place to post your marketing videos. Maybe clinical videos, too?
  • Paid Ads: they might be more effective than organic search, so don’t be surprised if social media starts eating a bigger chunk of your marketing budget. It is an indication that you’re probably doing the right thing.
  • Mobile: Almost 40% of Facebook’s monthly active users are mobile-only. In short, when you’re advertising on Facebook: go mobile or go home.
  • Youths: There was a hot minute when everyone freaked out about youths not using Facebook. Whether or not that’s true, it shouldn’t matter to you. Guess who doesn’t make their own healthcare decisions? Youths. It’s everyone else (especially moms) that you are appealing to. And everyone else (especially moms) are still all over Facebook.
  • Care to Wear: Wearable devices like fitness trackers and smart watches are on the rise. The infographic suggests this is problematic, but we disagree. Think of push notifications and location-based coupons as more opportunities to reach your customers in more clever ways.

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