Looking for weight-loss surgery patients? Post bariatric content to social media!

St. Luke’s Des Peres Hospital in St. Louis, MO engages weight loss surgery patients by posting delicious and nutritious bariatric recipes on their website and social media channels. The hospital also shares articles about the emotional, physical and surgical aspects of bariatric surgery. Bariatric content is developed by Baldwin Publishing to support the MyNewSelf surgical weight loss program.

Each month, the bariatric marketing team at St. Luke’s Des Peres receives a Social Media Guide from Baldwin Publishing filled with bariatric content that aligns with health awareness events and food holidays. The content guide makes it easy for hospital marketers to keep their social media channels filled with content that generates “likes” and clicks. The monthly social media guide includes ready-to-post bariatric content – and a calendar showing just when to post it for the most engagement.

Using social media as a way to drive traffic to the St. Luke’s Des Peres website has really paid off!

Nearly 25% of traffic to the Weight Loss Toolbox – a section of the hospital’s website dedicated to weight loss surgery patient education – comes from Facebook and Pinterest.

The majority of content posted on social media makes good use of the bariatric recipe content licensed from Baldwin Publishing. Pinterest boards show recipes that appeal to weight loss surgery patients.  The MyNewSelf Facebook page also features bariatric recipes, as well as information about upcoming weight loss seminars.

Each recipe posted has been approved by registered dietitians for bariatric diets. Recipes include large mouth-watering photos, step-by-step instructions and nutrition information.  In addition to delicious recipes, site visitors can find information about weight loss surgery procedures, as well as fitness and nutrition information. So far, the most popular bariatric recipe this year is Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

For more information about bariatric social media content, contact us.