Today, more than ever, hospitals need digital content to guide and educate communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two health and wellness content production companies – Baldwin Publishing, Inc. and On-Site Studios – joined forces this month to create relevant and useful coronavirus content to support overloaded hospital and health communication teams.

Americans are turning to local hospital websites to find trusted information about staying healthy during the pandemic. Health communication teams are struggling to keep up with the demand for health content for their websites, social media and community emails.

Baldwin Publishing and On-Site Studios are supporting hospital marketing departments with a weekly supply of medically-reviewed coronavirus videos, articles and infographics. Our popular coronavirus topics include how-to videos on staying healthy during the pandemic and behavioral health content on managing stress, anxiety and boredom, as well as adapting to life under quarantine.  Hospitals can customize, brand and publish the coronavirus video content and articles on all communication platforms.

The coronavirus videos and articles are “bonus content” for hospitals. Hospital marketing teams don’t need a license nor do they pay fees to use COVID-19 videos and articles. This content is Baldwin Publishing’s and On-Site’s contribution to healthcare’s front line communicators. Coronavirus hacks and tips on how to stay safe, sane and social generate millions of views on health blogs, social media and community emails.

Baldwin Publishing’s health writers and editors, along with the animated video team from On-Site Studios, are collaboratively working from home offices across the country to produce coronavirus content. All content is based on credible peer-reviewed sources and guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Prior to publication, content is reviewed by medical professionals.

“On-Site Studios is pleased to partner with Baldwin Publishing to offer coronavirus educational content to the hospitals who are on the front line of this invisible conflict facing our nation,” said Jay Schillinger, President, On-Site Studios.

As Toni Donina, CEO of Baldwin Publishing explains, “For nearly three decades, Baldwin Publishing has been a go-to resource of trusted health content for hospitals nationwide. Now, more than ever, it’s important for hospitals to share information with their communities about managing physical and mental health. Baldwin Publishing is proud to be able to reduce the burden on health communication teams by providing the type of content they need.”

Baldwin Publishing

For more than 25 years Baldwin Publishing has been a trusted content partner for hospitals, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, grocery and food retailers.  We produce compelling health and wellness content that meets the marketing and communication needs of the healthcare industry. Our award-winning recipes, cooking videos, wellness articles and quizzes are created by multimedia professionals and are certified by medical experts. All Baldwin content is visually robust and medically relevant. It meets national health association standards for quality content.

On-Site Studios

On-Site Studios is an eight-year-old company, built on the spirit of empathy and collaboration. We have been leading with purpose for the last eight years in the development and introduction of the On-Site Studios Suite. We are the only remote video production company in North America. We are making a positive difference with the clients we serve within the commercial markets. But we only succeed with the combined vitality and strength of our team members who we truly value and support.

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