Here’s how BSDI, a leading employee health technology provider, quickly reevaluated corporate health promotion content for employees working at home.      

An increasing number of sedentary job workers are facing health problems such as an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. With 42% of the United States employees working remotely in 2021, content for corporate health promotion has evolved quickly. Employee Health promotion content is designed to instill positive health habits that promote a healthy lifestyle and wellness.

“Our evidence says that remote working is here to stay,” says Sherry Dineen, Director of Content and Marketing at BSDI. “Many companies, therefore, are looking for action plans that employees can incorporate into their daily lives. Baldwin Publishing has done a great job keeping health and wellness content relevant in this way.”

BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology located in Califon, New Jersey that produces feature-rich, flexible technologies for workplace health promotion to cultivate positive daily lifestyle habits for workers. The company has been providing corporate health platforms for 29 years and the wellness team quickly adjusted content to motivate employees working from home for the first time.

Corporate health promotion action items include exercise videos that can be done from a home office, easy recipes that can be made with healthy ingredients, and bite-sized wellness information.

“Baldwin creates content that is different from other materials we have seen,” says Dineen. “It’s easy for readers to digest and that consistently boosts engagement.”

BSDI shares Baldwin Publishing corporate health promotion articles on a blog and social media, with a recent emphasis on mental health articles and nutrition. By posting content on a daily basis, the company is able to build a growing awareness for their brand on social media.

“We use Facebook for user targeting and brand awareness, and LinkedIn for advertising and direct marketing about why workplace wellness is so important,” says Dineen. “The Content Cart that Baldwin provides makes it extremely easy to schedule out content for our platforms.”

Baldwin Publishing’s Content Cart allows users to license articles of their choice to tailor their corporate health promotion content to the needs of their user base. As the workplace continues to evolve, Baldwin will continue to publish content relating to work at home health needs.

If you would like to learn more about the Content Cart or any of Baldwin Publishing’s other offerings, contact us today.