Corporate Health Promotion Is Redefining Content in 2021

Here’s how BSDI, a leading employee health technology provider, quickly reevaluated corporate health promotion content for employees working at home.      

An increasing number of sedentary job workers are facing health problems such as an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. With 42% of the United States employees working remotely in 2021, content for corporate health promotion has evolved quickly. Employee Health promotion content is designed to instill positive health habits that promote a healthy lifestyle and wellness.

Health system launches a new plan to market physician practices during coronavirus

Atlantic Medical Group welcomes patients back into doctor’s offices with a healthy cookbook

Now more than ever, physician marketing strategies need to adapt. No one knows that better than Kristin Ferrara, Marketing Specialist for Atlantic Medical Group, the physician enterprise of Atlantic Health System based in Morristown, New Jersey.

This healthy cookbook delivered 2,000 more hospital blog subscribers

Here’s how a robust social media strategy — and a little cookbook—increased readership for the UVA Health blog

UVA Health looked to Baldwin Publishing for marketing tools to increase email subscribers to the Healthy Balance Blog. The hospital marketing team wanted to get more eyes on the hospital blog’s patient stories, medical research initiatives, and healthy lifestyle tips.