We are now producing new coronavirus content every week for health communication and marketing teams.

Last week, Baldwin Publishing introduced a special coronavirus content library filled with consumer-focused COVID-19 articles based on CDC guidelines, along with healthy living tips and hacks for people stuck at home.

This week, Baldwin will release a video animation series about COVID-19 and new behavioral health content to help people manage anxiety, stress and depression in the wake of the virus outbreak.

Normally, use of Baldwin Publishing content requires a license. “Today, nothing is normal,” explains Toni Donina, CEO of Baldwin Publishing, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected health content syndication companies. She decided to offer complimentary coronavirus content in an effort to increase the company’s support for hospitals and health communicators during the coronavirus crisis.

“We are reinforcing 26 years of relationships with the medical community by providing health marketers with much-needed content and media resources for all their communication platforms,” says Donina. “The coronavirus content is our contribution to healthcare’s front line communicators. They don’t need a license to use this content. There are no fees. We just want them to have an easy way to communicate with their communities.”

It’s been an unprecedented few weeks for Baldwin’s editorial and technology staff. Like all health communication teams, our own communities grapple with shutdowns, restrictions and medical supply shortages. Most of us are working from home, but our Northeast office in Washington Crossing, PA remains open and staffed every day.

“Our clients’ communication needs remain our top priority,” says Donina. “They will continue to receive quality content at a time when the need for information is so great and hospitals can’t produce it themselves.”

Hospital websites have become more important than ever as people search for reliable and trusted content about the virus. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, visits to hospital websites have jumped 15% and the number of people sharing coronavirus articles from hospital social sites is up 650%, according to Baldwin’s Google Analytics.

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