February is Heart Month, which means it’s the perfect time to remind patients of the importance of eating healthier.

One of the cornerstones of keeping your heart healthy is eating healthy. That’s why hospitals and health systems turn to Baldwin Publishing. We offer delicious heart healthy recipes to share with patients and the community.

Health eCooking® recipes are developed with dietary guidelines in mind. All recipes are created by dietitians along with professional chefs in our in-house test kitchen. So doctors, hospitals and health care providers can feel comfortable posting the recipes to their websites, blogs and social media accounts. The heart healthy recipe collection teaches patients how to eat healthier and be kind to their hearts while still enjoying great food.

Marketing departments can easily brand the white-label recipes, share them and promote healthy living and wellness in their communities.

This February – and all year long – share delicious recipes with your community that will make their hearts happy and healthy.

Want to see some of our heart healthy recipes? Contact us today!