Here’s why hospitals need mental health content to address community need.

Baldwin Publishing recently reviewed data from over 100 hospitals’ Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) reports and identified a common theme. Substance abuse is one of the most significant issues affecting communities across the country.

Drug and alcohol abuse plagues communities of all sizes, in all locations and across all socioeconomic groups and ethnicities. In fact, mental health issues rank at the top of almost every community’s list of unmet health needs.

CHNA Report Findings: Improve Mental Health Education

Every three years, non-profit hospitals in the U.S. are required to conduct assessments to better understand the health needs of their local communities. The information is publicly shared through each hospital’s CHNA report.

CHNA reports overwhelmingly show that hospitals need to do more to combat skyrocketing substance abuse and opioid problems.  Many CHNA implementation strategies include plans to improve education and awareness of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as other mental health issues such as suicide prevention and depression.

Mental Health Content Addresses Community Need

Baldwin Publishing recently expanded our behavioral health content collection to educate people about the most critical issues of our time. Our mental health content is easily incorporated into behavioral health marketing plans and CHNA implementation strategies.

We offer mental health articles and videos on these topics:

  • Addiction – substance abuse, opioid addiction, alcoholism
  • Depression and suicide prevention
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Other mental health conditions

The medically-certified content we develop answers frequently-asked questions about substance abuse and mental health disorders. White-labeled behavioral health articles, images, quizzes, infographics and videos can be shared on websites, newsletters and social media channels. Content addresses critical health needs identified by CHNA, is a valuable educational resource for patients and supports mental health marketing campaigns.

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