This is how Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a NJ heart hospital, strategically uses cardiac content to target women heart patients.

For nearly 100 years, hard-working men have been turning to Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Central New Jersey to fix their ailing hearts and diseased lungs. The hospital had traditionally been recognized as a medical destination for industrial and blue-color working men suffering from exposure to asbestos and chemicals that ravaged their lungs and hearts – and more recently, firemen, policemen and other first responders.

The women who brought their men to Deborah for quality care often didn’t consider that women also have heart disease or that Deborah could provide the care they needed. Until a few years ago, Deborah wasn’t known as the hospital that fixes women’s hearts and lungs. Deborah was only known as the place to go when your husband had heart disease.

The heart hospital was missing a huge opportunity literally waiting at their doorstep: female patients.

Here’s how Deborah fixed that.

Two years ago, Deborah launched a cardiac education and marketing campaign to reach women and engage with them. With a very limited budget compared to larger competing health systems, the heart hospital’s marketing team figured out the most economical way to maximize and repurpose content that targets women heart patients.

Deborah partnered with Baldwin Publishing to license health content targeted specifically to midlife women in need of cardiac services. The female-focused cardiac content is used on website landing pages, digital newsletters and social media channels. Deborah marketers effectively maximize the value and minimize the cost of their content marketing campaigns by amplifying content across multiple media channels.

Thanks to successful content marketing campaigns, women now recognize Deborah Heart and Lung Center as a quality medical destination that’s invested in female hearts. More than 15,000 women have signed up for newsletters. They’re attending events and screenings. And they’re making appointments with Deborah’s doctors. Women are no longer waiting at the doorstep of Deborah – they’re walking inside.

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