Here’s how one blogger engages 1,000 followers a day with new content, big images and delicious recipes.

Two years ago, Catholic Health’s web manager was tasked with launching the heath care system’s blog. He didn’t have enough staff to produce all the health and wellness content needed to build a digital following. So he turned to Baldwin Publishing to license health and wellness content  that he could customize, optimize and post.

These days it takes less than 30 minutes to post a new blog article on Catholic Health Today.  And the payoff is big – the blog gets nearly 250,000 page views a year.

This is how Catholic Health does it:

Catholic Health, a system of five local hospitals in Western New York, licenses a package of wellness, nutrition, fitness and healthy recipe content from Baldwin Publishing.

Every month, Baldwin creates new health content and delivers it three months in advance. We even align content with a robust social media planner that shows bloggers what content to post to generate the most engagement on health observance days.

Baldwin’s editorial team does the research, writing, editing and medical review for articles. Chefs and dietitians create recipes in Baldwin’s Health eCooking® kitchen. And our design team produces photos, infographics and videos.

Catholic Health’s marketing team chooses and downloads the html-coded content that is most relevant to the Western New York community. Then all that’s left to do is to customize each post.

Using licensed content, any member of the marketing team can produce blog posts at record speed. Catholic Health uses Baldwin’s stock content as the basis of each blog post because it’s so easy to customize.

How to customize licensed content for a blog:

Here are tips to customize articles and recipes and make them unique on a health care blog:

  • Insert quotes and advice from the hospital’s medical practitioners
  • Invite hospital dietitians to write insightful comments on recipes
  • Choose staff and hospital event photos or local stock images to accompany the text
  • Feature links to hospital patient stories and staff bios in relevant posts

Inserting custom information into licensed content helps bloggers produce unique content, without the need for a large staff.  A reliable content source allows bloggers to develop new posts in minutes instead of it taking hours, days or weeks.

There’s no need to start with a blank slate. No reason to brainstorm every topic, do research, write or get hung up in the medical review process. That part is already done by Baldwin Publishing.

“Utilizing Baldwin’s licensed content was an important step for our department. We wanted a solution that would fit our digital strategy and make it easy to generate content that supported our marketing goals. We are a small team, so a quick turnaround was key to our success. Right away, we were able to use this content to highlight doctors, services, and our multiple locations,” stated the Director of Digital Strategy at Catholic Health.

Does licensed content work for a blog?

It sure does!

Using licensed content is a booming marketing strategy for Catholic Health. The health system’s blog now generates over 4,500 page views a week. Not bad for a blog that started at ground zero just two short years ago!

To find out more about licensing blog content, contact us.

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