Start with a “total content experience” then promote it here, here, and here.

UVA Health in central Virginia has developed the perfect combination of content and techniques to achieve high engagement and expand reach to the hospital’s blog. Here are 4 steps behind their winning content.

  1. Create a total “content experience” – UVA combines multiple formats of content into a single blog post to enhance user experience. 1. Choose a topic 2. select an article, infographic or video from Baldwin’s selection of health content  3. Create in-house content to enhance the topic. For example, UVA adds a video featuring doctors to accompany a licensed article. And they add a quote from a provider to embellish a licensed infographic or recipe.
  2. Focus on SEO – Content needs to be found when people search online and search-friendly techniques helps improve the chance it will be. UVA selects evergreen health topics that will generate search traffic months or even years down the road. The marketing team includes written transcripts for all videos and infographics so the text is picked up by Google.
  3. Use the power of social media – All videos featuring the hospital’s physicians are posted on YouTube. UVA uses Baldwin’s social media guide to plan out blog posts months in advance. UVA posts blog content on social media. They gauge organic engagement after 1-2 days, and if a post generates likes and comments, they pay to boost the post on Facebook to achieve the greatest reach. 
  4. Direct subscribers – Using the power of weekly enewsletters, UVA links approximately 8,000 subscribers directly to their blog content. Email is one of the most effective ways to boost blog engagement because people are more likely to read a blog post that shows up in their inbox.

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