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Craving snackable content for your health newsletter or social media channels?

To increase reader engagement this summer, post short,        fun-to-read health tips and videos.

Newsletter subscribers and social media visitors want to view snackable content. Just like a healthy snack, this bite-sized content is easy to consume, digest and share. It also needs to contain a healthy dose of information delivered in a tasty package.

Snackable content is brief and engaging. It fills a need and quickly satisfies. Think of short videos that show you how to cook. Or easy-to-read articles with bulleted lists of health tips.

As attention spans decrease, this bite-sized content satisfies a craving for both readers and marketers alike. In fact, Corona Regional Medical Center noticed a 20% increase in clicks from Facebook when the hospital posted this type of content.

Baldwin Publishing produces quickly consumable videos, articles and quizzes. The content is short and sweet, salty and satisfying… just like your favorite snack.  But unlike a decadent treat that leaves you with nothing but empty calories, these healthy morsels are good for you and your readers. The content is easy to brand and ready to post – and it keeps hungry readers coming back for more.

National Snack Day sounds like the perfect time to share some snackable content on your site!

July 18th, 2018|