2019 Calendars for Medicare Members

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2019 Calendars for Medicare Member Retention

Health eCooking® recipe calendars help Medicare plans reach and retain members.

Thousands of Medicare members in Florida and New York will start the 2019 year off with Health eCooking® recipe calendars, thanks to health plans that provide supplemental insurance to Medicare members.

Medicare health calendars demonstrate a health plan’s commitment to members’ health and wellness – and health plans say the annual calendar helps with Medicare member retention. Many members think a recipe calendar is the best gift a Medicare health plan can offer.

Baldwin’s custom calendars branded by Medicare plans are stuffed with healthy recipes and prevention tips. They highlight medical appointment and screening recommendations. Some calendar packages also include reminder stickers to encourage members to comply with medication schedules and good wellness practices. Calendars prominently show important plan numbers to make it easy for members to call their health plan customer service department.

Recipe calendars are a valuable health education tool, too. Healthy recipes and big, mouth-watering recipe photos encourage seniors to eat better throughout the year.

Baldwin’s 2019 calendars feature colorful, easy-to-follow recipes and important health plan information. Each calendar is designed to mount on a member’s kitchen wall, the perfect location for easy access to health plan phone numbers.

The large, 12-point print makes it simple for Medicare members to read every recipe and health tip and to track appointments and wellness goals.  The engaging design complies with CMS Medicare marketing guidelines. Medicare promotional products are required to fall within regulated pricing guidelines and the 2019 calendars – at a cost of just pennies apiece—comply with CMS promotional product guidelines.

In addition to Medicare member retention, the calendar also helps health plans meet CMS member communication and language requirements. 2019 Medicare calendars are available in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. This member communication tool improves Star Ratings, as well as quality, compliance and oversight obligations.

July 30th, 2018|